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Problem loading data from PC to M9
by koukdim on 2013-02-13 11:19:21.4250


I have a problem loading back the saved scenes from my pc to M9.

I am following the steps mentioned here">"> . I m using windows 7, an M-audio midisport uno cable and the midi-ox.

The "saving scenes" instructions are crystal clear and my M9 responds exactly as described.

But...when I try to load anything to the M9 (a single scene or folder or all) I select the "Send/Receive Sysex" button (after loading the saved sysex file from its location in my pc) and a  window pops up saying: SysEX Receive,  (wait for completion)  0 Bytes Received and a "done" button.

The M9 is doing nothing as described above and no data is transferred...

Any help???



Re: Problem loading data from PC to M9
by phil_m on 2013-02-13 13:05:29.1590

It's not quite clear what you're doing on the software side of things. Did you hit the "play" button in the MIDI program you're using? Or is that what the "Send/Receive Sysex" button does"?

I've always had more luck with the Send SX program when it comes to dealing with sysex files.

Re: Problem loading data from PC to M9
by koukdim on 2013-02-14 11:02:29.1310

thanks for your response,

after trying the process for several times it happened a couple of times!! so it looks like there 's something going on with the software.

I came to realise that it had to do with adjusting the midi devices under the options menu (using midi-ox).

So it worked when I activated one Input Device (midisport uno in) and 2 Output devices (microsoft GS Waveable Synth + Midisport uno out).

Thank you again for your time,


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