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code 8000000a
by jairosanz on 2013-02-14 10:56:38.1070

hello, when I conect my HD500 in my computer with HD500 edit, say

"there was an error transfering one or more patches"

if this error ocurrin quit pod 500 edit, restart the pod hd 500 hardware, then run pod 500 edit.

code 8000000a operation timed out

I made this but, every time is the same error.

In other computers hd edit run correctly

somebody knows what do I to do?


Re: code 8000000a
by Kupsik on 2013-02-14 11:27:49.9970

Have you tried another USB cable? In this thread">"> user mrsaid86 had same problem and resolved it by changing USB cable.

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