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HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by mjpwall on 2013-02-15 05:10:02.4400

Hi all,

I've been using my HD500 as FX only using the 4 cable method with a switchblade combo. It's great as it uses the combos midi features for channell switching and I like the tone.  The one thing I've been unhappy with is the noise from the FX loop, this is a quite amp but once the HD is used there is a lot of hiss, not an uncommon problem it seems from reading around.  The other downside is, though it's possible, I haven't really explored the amp modeling of the HD, the preamp on the switch blade is tasty so why bother? I thought!

My previous setup included an xtlive into the return of a JCM800 into a 4X12. I liked this, but stopped using it when I got the switchblade, just used the switchblade with a wah.  GAS brought on the purchase of a HD500 and 4 cable madness ensued.

OK history lesson over.

The other day I went into our rehersal space, the JCM is out of action needing a retube and a bit of other work that I keep meaning to get around to. I fancied a blast of the HD through the 4x12 and spied a poweramp that we don't currently use, it's an old t-amp, no 1/4" put puts so I hobbled to gether a speaker lead with the approriate connector and pluged in.  I used full amp models but without a modeled cab.  Holy F**K it sounded great.  there's nothing like pushing a 4x12!

Ok so this leads me to a few questions.

This power amp is not really the thing for the job. So I need a power amp. The expense of a valve power amp is not appealing and I'm attracted to the Rocktron Velocity 300, gets good reviews and is very reasonably priced. So I need some opinions:

For those giging with it:

Is there enough headroom?

How much does it colour the sound?

Do you use full amps without cabs or just pre-amp modeling?

Is it a good idea to run it in stero using the 4X12's stero option or better bridged in mono?

I'm also considering a g-major 2, would lift some of the DSP limits of the HD and also it appears things like intelligent pitchshifting is more accurate, plus TC's FX are supposed to be far better than the HD's, demos I've heard sound amazing.

Can I go from the HD's outputs into the G-major and then to the power amp or does the G-major belong in the HD's loop?

Lastly in regards to programing:

I want to play around with this a bit more before I make any purchases.

I need to program at home and then review in the practise space and make final adjustments.  My thought is to use full amp modeling (certainly for the current pa power amp) and use an appropriate 4x12 cab model (my 4X12 is a standard 1960a with 75's) to program while using headphones to get me in the ball park of what I want.  Then turn off the cab model when using with the power amp and cab.  My thought is that even if say I'm using a fender model for clean sounds, putting it through a modeled 4X12 is going to sound more like what I will hear through the 4x12 live. 

Does this sound right?

I know that's a lot of questions, appreciate any feedback!


Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by lukegeis on 2013-02-15 19:41:00.7550

I got the rocktron velocity 100 and it is plenty of go for me. It's 50 watts at 4 ohms, 40 @ 8ohms and 20 ish watts @ 16 ohms. If you ask me anything more than 30 watts is a waste of power. But my rig runs at 8 ohms and 40 watts does it.

It sounds very nice and I would say it's transparent in terms of color of sound. I use it as if it were an amp and turn the channel level down and run the POD flat out. The master is all the way up and patches are put together based on level matching. The Velocity doesn't seem to care what you put in. Turn the channel knobs down, crank the POD master and bring the amp channle level up to the desired level. I would bet that you never get it all the way up.

Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by mjpwall on 2013-02-16 05:05:44.2450


Do you run it in stereo or mono?

Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by mjpwall on 2013-02-19 05:46:11.6650

Any one else with experience of these amps?

Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by dbagchee on 2013-02-19 16:21:14.5390

Why not use the Switchblade as the power amp? Can you connect the combo to the 4x12? Using that with the power amp cranked and just the pre amp models on the HD should sound killer through the 4x12.

Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by mjpwall on 2013-02-20 16:17:45.1910

Yeh I've done that, and it does sound good.  But was thinking that using a SS power amp would be more transparent and I'd then use power amp modeling to get a wider range of tones from the HD.  Also I just fancy a change.

Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by dbagchee on 2013-02-20 17:58:11.3770

I hear ya! Truth be told I wouldn't mind going a similar route as the Stiletto cab be a beast to move around just for a power amp. I've heard good things about the matrix power amps but they are $$$!

Re: HD500 - Power AMP- 4x12
by lukegeis on 2013-02-22 02:40:06.0310

I run in mono, so I only utilize one channel of the amp.

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