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Tone patches on PodFarm 2.55 aren't working?
by InwardScream on 2013-02-15 16:52:11.3180

Hi there,

For the last three to four years I've been using Gearbox with a GuitarPort for home recording, but I'm starting to get a bit more serious now, so today I purchased PodFarm 2, version 2.55.

I've been checking out videos on YouTube which have samples of tone patches - deciding they sound amazing, then downloading the patches, but for some reason, the patches sound nothing like the video when I play them myself.

For example, I downloaded this "Djent" tone (example in this video)">">

But when I load the patch up in PodFarm 2, it doesn't even sound distorted, it just sounds more like a crunch effect than anything.

I previously purchased the expansion bundle for Gearbox, and it seems to have transferred them to PodFarm 2 (as I've read it's supposed to), and I can set up the same amp/noise gate/effects etc displayed in the video, and there isn't an error saying "you don't have the required plug-ins" or anything along these lines when I load the patch.

So basically, I'm at a loss as to why the tone sounds nothing like the video, especially as I've paid £65 for this.. I'm using an Ibanez S320 with an INF1 pickup (neck) and INF2 pickup (bridge), through a GuitarPort. I've checked on Line 6 Monkey, all the software/drivers etc are up to date.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

(Not sure if this is relevant at all, but I'm running on Mac OS X 10.6)

Re: Tone patches on PodFarm 2.55 aren't working?
by InwardScream on 2013-02-16 09:19:28.2830

Also, I've just checked on PodFarm under the 'About' section, it says my PodFarm license is Platinum and all the expansion packs are authorised.

Really confused as to why the tones sound nothing like the way they should. Anyone?

Re: Tone patches on PodFarm 2.55 aren't working?
by morelia on 2013-02-18 20:01:53.5490

Same sort of of problem here.  All the add on packs show as authorised but when I run Podfarm 2.55 none of the addon pack gear is available.  A very small number of the presets are highlighted which I'm guessing is because there is gear missing from most of them.  Podfarm is authorised to the computer.  I gave up on Podfarm when 2.5 was released for this problem but hoped it had been fixed.

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