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Still Got The Blues / Guitar Instrumental
by wolbai on 2013-02-16 14:26:21.3590

The magnetic PUs of the JTVs ( I have 59 + 69) are quite good.

For a song like this, I prefer to use the magnetic PUs.

Did an Instrumental version out of "Still Got The Blues". Not new - a lot already out there on YouTube. It is just different. But this is with my JTV 59 (for more details on amp models, etc., please have a look at the attached Video link).

For Live-performing, I play the JTV 59 / 69 (one is of course always my Backup), a HD500, a DT50/212 together with a Marshall JVM 2x12 cab and a Rivera Rock Crusher (power attenuator).

It's a quite a long recording and I hope you will survive until the end :-)">">

Always the good die young ...

Any thoughts are welcome.

Re: Still Got The Blues / Guitar Instrumental
by dchernov551 on 2013-02-17 08:40:16.3630

You still got the blues! Amazing and heartfelt recording, Wolbai! This is a timeless classic and you made it sound very special and sincere. I keep smiling at the moment because I was always playing this song in my head when I was thinking of JTV guitars. It is that amazing tone that instantly makes you understand why your instrument is guitar! Did I survive until the end? Hey, I wished the track would never end because it shows so much emotion and the clarity of your playing fits so well. I really liked it!

Another point that I would like to make is that you are the proof that James Tyler guitar is also a great stand-alone guitar without the models and has great pickups to perform in an outstanding way! With this guitar you always get the models and one additional guitar of high quality!

Thank you for making this great video and for sharing it with all of us! You are amazing!

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