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Why presets are saved in the wrong setlist or sometimes even saved when I didn't "send"?
by lachinelli on 2013-02-16 15:54:45.8160

Ok, this problem is getting annoying. I've started a ticket about this but they don't seem to pay attention to this. When using POD HD500 Edit I had this problem sometimes. I opened POD HD 500 Edit, tweaked or created a preset, clicked the send button with the proper setlist selected, then I found that preset was saved in a different setlist, thus erasing the previous preset in that setlist. I guessed it's some kind of problem in the Firmware or POD HD 500 Edit which didn't inform the setlist properly, so I started changing setlists from POD HD 500 Edit so the program knows well which setlist is selected. So far, doing that seemed the solution for that problem.

Now, yesterday I plugged the POD HD 500 to the pc to go around presets, not to create a new one or make any changes. I know it's foolish since I can use the pedalboard for that, but I'm used to plugging it and using it via POD HD 500 Edit. After I finished using it, I closed POD HD 500 Edit and unplugged the POD from the USB cable. As usual, the preset selected keeps an * character. I don't like seeing that so I don't think afterwards I modified that preset. So I changed to another preset with the pedalboard and went back to the previous one. What I found is that I had a preset from another setlist recorded in that place...and I didn't even had modified ANYTHING with POD HD 500 Edit when it was plugged...Either the program or the Firmware did that by itself.

I wanted to ask how many of you have this problem and if there's any solution to that in the user's hands. This is turning annoying and so far I've been lucky to have those presets (and latest versions of them) saved in my computer. I work with music so the POD HD 500 is one of my working tools. It's getting annoying having to deal with these simple but serious problems. I really hope Line 6 fix this in their next update.

Re: Why presets are saved in the wrong setlist or sometimes even saved when I didn't "send"?
by silverhead on 2013-02-16 18:30:32.5070

I haven't heard of this problem before. Can you help us reproduce the problem by providing an exact and specific description (recipe) of the steps we can use to create the undesired/unexpected behaviour? Please be specific, describing every touch of every button in sequence. Try to use the simplest situation, with the fewest steps, to consistently and reliably reproduce your problem.

Re: Why presets are saved in the wrong setlist or sometimes even saved when I didn't "send"?
by lachinelli on 2013-02-16 20:03:10.0610

It's not something that happens all the time, so I can't specify an exact way to reproduce it. It seems to happen more often when I open POD HD500 Edit and I start working without changing setlist. At the time of saving  a patch, it simply saves in another setlist, not the one that is selected at that moment. As I explained above, I change setlists everytime I open POD HD500 Edit in case the program doesn't receive accurate information. Last time I didn't work on nor create any patch; just went through some setlists, played, and that's it. I closed POD HD500 Edit, then unplugged the USB cable. As usual, the last patch selected had the * character showing, so I switched to the next patch and came back to the previous one, but this time was showing a patch which is originally in another setlist, but was saved in the setlist that doesn't belong to and not showing the *, that is a saved patch in that position, just as I explained above. That's as accurate as I can be as this doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it ruins my setlists and I have to recover them from the saved setlists in my computer, afraid of this problem happening again when sending those patches.

By the way, the USB cable is plugged to the front of my CPU and as I recall, those ports go direct to the motherboard, so they don't go through any hub nor share the connection.

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