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What's Better Pre-amp or Full Amp No Cabinet?
by sloppyfingers on 2013-02-17 09:40:16.1240

Been setting up all my patches for my lil combo amp.

I've been hitting it hard because quite frankly I haven't really taken out my pod in the last while, and now I'm off work so the timing is right.

Now for my Marshall tube power amp - 4x12 cabinet,I was going to make a seperate set list mirroring these combo patches, but only using the pre-amps. (same settings)

Before I set my patches for my 4 x12 cabinet,perhaps someone with some experience can let me know if it's better to just keep the settings, and toggle just "no cab" vs straight pre-amp?

I know it can be hard to answer, but I would appreciate the input.

I just have a lil suggestion for people to try..It's really working for me.

If you have a seperate expression pedal, why not set it to your amp gain..Instead of creating seperate patches for clean, grit, full on gain.

I find that it saves on patches and you can really tweak your same amp on the fly..I have my Marshalls set this way, and within one amp I can really tweak it on the fly.

I like the clean but with a bit of grit effect, of having it turned down..Kind of how a real amp would react. You can also set a distortion pedal at the same time this way.

Exp 2 can operate both modelled pedal and amp gain, but for now I'm just sticking with the amp's gain for my distortion.

The only glitch is that when I have a boost pedal set before the amp, my over all  volume goes up as I turn the amp gain down, so I took it out. mybe it's meant to react this way, or a glitch with the hd..Not sure.

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