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trouble in buffering through Pod GX only on my PC
by sohail21 on 2013-02-17 10:00:03.9230


I have been using my Pod GX from past 2 Years on Windows XP, with DAW like Nuendo, FL Studio. and it working perfect.

Now i have upgraded my PC from Intel Pentium D to AMD FX 6100. and using Windows 7 Ultimate. i have installed all dam drivers from Line 6 recomended for Pod Studio GX, but still i have BUFFER RELATED ISSUE. (Lil jerks and disturbance whenever anything is played)

Its not working properly with any of my DAW neither with any other Media player like VLC or Window media Player. instead my "Gigabyte 78LMT - USB 3" MOTHERBOARD's audio is runing perfectly. No Buffering Trouble.

My POD GX is working properly on other PC's. its just my PC, its not working proplerly.

Please suggest me what should i do to come out of this problem.

Really need Help.

Re: trouble in buffering through Pod GX only on my PC
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-17 10:04:21.4420

sounds like your new computer has issues with the chipset or usb drivers...

you might try googling slim drivers... it will help you update those types of things.

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