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Spider IV and Spider Valve - Editing Tones
by redhawks2212 on 2013-02-17 17:05:21.2040

I have played a Spider IV for several years and I have been satisfied for the most part.  However, I do miss the "warmth" of tubes, so I am considering upgrading to the Spider Valve and use my Spider IV as a backup amp.  My question is:  Can I share tones between my Spider IV and Spider Valve using the Spider Edit software? 

Re: Spider IV and Spider Valve - Editing Tones
by zorman32 on 2013-02-27 19:03:59.3310

While I can't say for sure, I think you can.  I have the spider 4 120 and if I load the pre-sets without the amp plugged into the computer, some of the pre-sets I play show up with the message "you're trying to load pre-sets that your equipment doesn't support"  (which obviously it does, I just didn't plug my equipment in, hence the message)  SO

That leads me to believe that at least some of the tones are shareable between models.  (I would think that once a tone is saved, it can be loaded by whatever program recognizes the file format, the fact that edit recognizes the file, but not the equipment...that's the hint for me that the file formats are probably the same across amp models)

Another thing I'm really not sure about...I think there's a chart lost somewhere on the site that tells you what pre-sets are available for which models (factory pre-sets, not user pre-sets).  It's been a long time, but I 'think' I saw something like that somewhere.

It'd be a good question for your sales guy to demonstrate for you at the store   keep em honest, and make em earn the comission...that's probably your best bet.

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