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Line 6 G50 / TBP12
by Fuzzbass2000 on 2013-02-18 08:21:36.8630

Hi - I'm looking at picking up a 2nd hand G50 + TBP12.  It dates from August 2011.

Before I push the button I wanted to check a few things

1) Does anyone know if the warranty on the device is still available and can be transferred?

2) I've have heard that earlier models had problems with the transmitter's input jack - some plastic parts were prone to falling apart.  I believe that these have now been replaced by metal parts and are much more solid. Can anyone tell me what to look for in a picture to see if it's plastic or metal (is it the nut at the top as well). Also, is Line 6 able to retrofit the more solid metal parts... under warranty maybe?

3) Can anyone tell me roughly when the stronger units started appearing (assuming that the jack was re-engineered)?

Many thanks.

Re: Line 6 G50 / TBP12
by dboomer on 2013-02-18 14:42:55.8820

Warranty is transferable from one end user to another but it requires the original receipt from an authorized dealer.">">

Sorry, I can't answer your question about when the revised jack.

Re: Line 6 G50 / TBP12
by Fuzzbass2000 on 2013-02-18 15:32:30.9210

Many thanks. Looks like it's a 12 month warranty on the Relay Wireless products - the one I've seen was originally purchased in 2011 so probably falls outside of the the normal warranty.  Any idea what the charge is to fix the problem outside of warranty... assuming it's a plastic one?

Re: Line 6 G50 / TBP12
by dboomer on 2013-02-18 20:00:44.4040

Someone posted a link to buying the assembly from Full Compass in a previous thread.  Seems to me it was like $10.">">

They are very simple to replace.  You basically take the case apart, loosen the nut and the assembly snaps out.  Snap the new one in, tighten the nut and put the case back together.

If you want to send it to a servicce center you will end up adding the bench charge above that ... likely $50 - $80 labor.

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