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Question on HD: will this do for an amp?
by jmm2011 on 2013-02-18 11:18:26.5140

hi! this is my post. i have been lurking the HD forum for a while now.

i have read many threads and have concluded that the only possible way for the hd to work and sound to its full potential is through a PA.

sadly i cannot afford to fund a PA coz i have already spent all my budget for an hd500 (high school student here). i only have a keyboard amp and a guitar amp.

sorry for my poor knowledge but i dont really know the specific definition of a PA. will a power mixer work feed through a stereo amplifier and will sound the same?

my dad has this way back 1970's and still sounds really really good and loud

sorry for a common question. im just really stoke on my hd500 to arrive this week..

pls excuse my english

Re: Question on HD: will this do for an amp?
by mdmayfield on 2013-02-18 11:49:36.3340

PA is shorthand for Power Amplifier, but in this context it is referring to the large sound system that a sound engineer at a venue runs all the vocals and instruments through.

I do this for my cover bands. I do not bring any amplifier or speaker at all. I bring the guitar and Pod, and the sound engineer gives me a cord to plug into the Pod. The sound comes out the big stage PA speakers, and the monitor wedge speakers, along with everything else, and there is no normal guitar amp on stage at all.

Hope that helps. Your English is much better than my any-language-except-English!

Re: Question on HD: will this do for an amp?
by phil_m on 2013-02-18 11:57:55.0820

PA is an abbreviation for "public address"... That's where the term comes from. The reason people say the HD500 works well with PA systems is because PA systems tend to be full spectrum, full response playback systems. What that means is that rather than coloring the sound or favoring one part of the sonic spectrum more than another, they amplify everything equally across frequency spectrum (relatively speaking).

But anyway, to answer your question, playing the HD500 through a home stereo system will probably sound OK. Those systems tend be relatively full spectrum, flat response. For playing at home, it's not a bad solution.

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