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Strange syncing issues when recording via PC interface
by maschino on 2013-02-18 11:39:12.4590

     I am recording direct to a Mac using the M20d and I am getting very strange sync issues.

     I record the first set of tracks and they seem fine, but when I go to record additional tracks with them the time is out of sync.  They are performed correctly when being recorded, but upon playback the new tracks do not line up with the original tracks.  They are typically delayed about a second.  If I sync up the track by hand it stays in-sync, so the delay is consistent through the entire capture.

     Trying additional overdubs results in the same.  I've tried adjusting buffers, closing all other programs to make sure I wasn't overburdening the CPU or disk I/O, and anything else I can thing of.

     I am using Logic 9 and the audio in and output source are both set to the M20d.  The original tracks are being performed to by listening to them on the 17/18 aux in via the USB interface to the M20d.

     Any ideas or suggestions?

     It may be worth noting the same thing happens if I record direct to a SD or USB drive, then connect the drive to the PC, import the tracks to Logic, and try to overdub that way.  The first set of recordings are in-sync with each other and Logic, but the new tracks are delayed.

     I am not using software monitoring so that should not be adding delay.

     Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!!

Re: Strange syncing issues when recording via PC interface
by maschino on 2013-02-18 16:38:26.5140

Some more info - the same issue happens in GarageBand.

If I don't use the M20d audio send for playback and instead send my Mac's stero out to the aux in, there is no issue, so I'm working that way for now.  With that, it seems there is a delay in playback when using the USB interface for output and it isn't in sync to the input.  I can manage this way for now, but would assume the M20d USB audio out is better quality than the headphone out of the computer so if anyone knows a work-around to get them in-sync it would be appreciated!

Re: Strange syncing issues when recording via PC interface
by silverhead on 2013-02-18 18:21:50.3670

The M20d is not designed as an audio interface for recording purposes, other than to capture the original channel recordings via usb/SD/PC. It has latency issues as you describe that render it ineffective as a general purpose recording interface. It is designed to capture an original recording, directly to DAW or transferable to DAW from usb/SD devices. After that, you need to use your DAW and another audio interface for overdubbing and post-processing.

The latency issues that you describe in the M20d are inherent in the current firmware and drivers. There is no workaround as it is. A future firmware update may include an imnproved ASIO driver, but for now it is what it is - not designed as a studio audio interface. It is a live performance mixer; the recording features support sound checks and basic audio capture of a live performance for subsequent overdubbing and post-processing in your DAW usibng a studio audio interface device.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.