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HD500 with a VoiceLive 2
by klarkkentster on 2013-02-18 16:34:47.3540

Hoping there are others using this set up..

How do you get a signal from the HD500 using the VAriax to feed the natural play on the VL2?

Re: HD500 with a VoiceLive 2
by AlThePal on 2013-02-18 18:09:06.1720


I presume that you use a vdi-cable to connect the Variax to the HD500. Then i think you have two options.

1. Use a second cable on the TRS-out of your Variax to connect with guitar input of the VL2.

2. Like suggested in different threads about the routing of variax acoustic models, you can set up a dual-amp patch in wich one channel is routed through the effectsloop send and set the return to zero. Then connect send from HD500 with guitar in of VL2.

3. This option evtl. works with VL2 capability of using complete audiotracks as reference for harmonies. Use phones- or unbalanced-output and connect it with the aux-in on VL2.

I hope this will work the way you want it to.



Re: HD500 with a VoiceLive 2
by eenymason on 2013-02-19 00:08:19.8530

+1 AlThePal

Suggestion 1 above is how I use it.

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