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should there be an L6 Link update?
by groovedggr on 2013-02-18 19:15:07.1690

the Stagesource 31 band EQ (available w L6 LINK & M20d) was affected by the M20d firmware update.

Arne has stated that the M20d 1.1 update needs to be corrected because the levels are incorrectly going to zero when using L6 LINK EQ.

I also noticed the graph didn't change and I didn't hear the EQ presets change either.

Since the 31 band EQ  in Stagesource speakers is activated through L6 LINK on M20d

Do we need an L6 LINK update too?

Re: should there be an L6 Link update?
by ArneLine6 on 2013-02-19 12:08:22.1480

We have tested this and the Line6 Link 31 band eq is recalling saved presets correctly. Could you give us some detail about what is happening here? The factory presets do not have any 31 band eq settings. The factory output preset eq's are all done with 6- band parametric eq. To see that the Line6 Link eq presets are loaded correctly you need a L6 StageSource speaker connected via Line6 Link, change the 31 band eq settings, store the settings in a preset and recall them.

Re: should there be an L6 Link update?
by groovedggr on 2013-02-19 20:50:55.9340

I have the M20d and L6 Link cable connecting my L3 speakers. FOLLOW ME -when you touch the main out on right side of screen it turns green. Now go to DEEP TWEAK. Bottom of page is L6 Lnk Button. Now when you touch the L6 LINK BUTTON it automatically opens up a 31 BAND EQ and also sets a folder on top left of page named MAIN OUT. Inside the folder are factory presets. ARE YOU SAYING the preset folder isn't intended for the 31 BAND EQ.?  Then why did L6 LINK EQ button open up a 31 BAND EQ and also set a folder of factory presets at top!!  If the presets don't work on 31 Band EQ then hopefully somebody can fix it so they do. I need factory presets on the 31Band EQ and was led to believe it existed before purchase. Before purchase I checked the forum and watched LINE 6 videos  ( I also have DRIVERACK PX but Boomer stated we don't need it and can use this easier.) It's not easier after the firmware update made the volume level go to ZERO and it's not easier if there's no presets.

Re: should there be an L6 Link update?
by ArneLine6 on 2013-02-20 07:43:56.2640

The presets are output presets and contain all output settings including the 31 band eq. Of course you can store and recall the the 31 band eq settings by loading an output preset.

Re: should there be an L6 Link update?
by groovedggr on 2013-02-20 14:22:34.5350

Any idea when the volume issue will get corrected?

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