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visual level indicators - channel input vs output levels
by mcj30606 on 2013-02-18 20:25:05.3340

Can anybody offer any insight as to where the channel meters will display input vs output levels? I watched the video on auto sensing levels and noted that the clipping channel meters were hitting orange / red as opposed to blue / green. Is the color of the meters related to input clipping or just the relative strength of the channel output being hot?

I am trying to get a feel for how to visualize gain like you do on a traditional board with PFL. One of the singers in my band is all over the place with mic distance (usually depends on how many beers he has had). I can rely on the auto level tracking to bring his gain down but havent been able to get a bead on how to see at a glance if a gain level is too low and im losing headroom.

Any insight or experience in best practice for setting and maintaining levels with this board (trim, channel output, main output, and power amp gain) greatly appreciated. There are a lot more points in the signal chain where levels can be manipulated than on the board i am used to!


Re: visual level indicators - channel input vs output levels
by ArneLine6 on 2013-02-19 08:47:05.1380

The meters show the input level (PFL) when Trim is selected and the channel level when Level is selected from drop down menu in perform mode. In tweak mode it shows the input level (PFL) when the Input tab is selected. The input (PFL) meter is indicated by a red background.

If you use Auto Trim the gains will set around +5dB. You can also adjust the gains (trim) manually in that neighborhood. Apart from that it is not recommendable to do large changes elsewhere, e.g. compressor make-up gain etc. except you want to do some extreme processing. In general it easier to get a good mix with a comfortable and even gain structure. As long as you use Auto Trim or set the trim manually to get the input level on all channels there is nothing to worry about. If the channel level encoders are around zero you have the most comfortable operation.

Re: visual level indicators - channel input vs output levels
by mcj30606 on 2013-02-19 16:21:03.1090

Thank you for the reply...most helpful. I have read the owners manual 6 times and i never could find a good description of how the meters worked.

For the initial mix on channel output levels (after auto trim) i basically set lead vocal at unity, set background vocals slightly lower, and then mixed in keys and guitars to fit since all have amps on stage. Sounds great compared to our old board but i am interested to see how the gain levels look on his mic from time to time.

Going from a powered behringer analog board to this has been a bit like drinking from a fire hose but it has been a lot of fun to learn.

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