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DT25 Sound Dropped Out
by Luigo69 on 2013-02-19 11:22:16.9300


Please Help, I was Playing a Regular Gig with my DT25 along with my HD500 and JTV-69. rigth on a midle of a song, soud dropped out for no reason, I had no sound at all. I checked all the obvious things, like guitar volume, the volume pedal, whether the tuner was on, etc, all itemes were on and powered, but I couldn't find anything wrong. I powered the amp and the HD500 off and back on and the problem was still there. The night was ruined for me and i had to connect my guitar directly to mixer with no fx just so i can finish the gig, well, next day after turning on everything to try to figure out the issue it was back to normal... for a few minutes then NO SOUND AGAIN, but i found out that the HD500 was not able to control the DT25 anymore, so i tried the amp by it self and that is where i found the problem, wich i have not been able to figure it out.. it works on one topology... but not on the other 3, and only sometimes.. so it works and it does not.. and all buttons light up, so what i mean is that is not completely dead, Im thinking that maybe I'd had a communication error. I had been using a AES/EBU cable. It feels like a comm error. Any thoughts? If you don't change anything on the HD500, how often does it update control information on the amp? I love this Amp, and i love my Dream Rig System, I was planning to buy another DT25 so i could run it on both channels but I just can't have it cutting out in the middle of a performance.. I really need to figure out what is the issue here.

Programming issue?

AMP issue?

L6 Conection Issue?

... User Error Issue?

Thanks for any feedback.

Re: DT25 Sound Dropped Out
by whiteop on 2013-02-20 03:49:35.6150

You need to send it in for repair. You are probably about to join the Blown Power Transformer Club if it isn't your tubes. I don't think Bogner worked out all the kinks on the design before he started manufacturing them. The power transformers they put in the DT series are obviously sub quality and cheaply made if you'll read through the posts on here. Something they really need to address and fix because the reputation of the reliabilty of DT amps is going down the tubes and the sales are probably about to take a nose dive unless they fix the problem. It's too bad because it's really a great sounding amp - when it works. My power transformer has blown 3 times in 14 months and I only play my amp twice a week for 30 minutes at a time.

Re: DT25 Sound Dropped Out
by Luigo69 on 2013-02-20 10:24:32.8390

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, You Know.. I Own several Line 6 Products and i Really love them, Was very Exited and happy when i got them and i really enjoy using them, i even recommend everybody i know to buy these products, somewhere in this company they have someone with very good ideas and a vision, but i have to say that i am very dissapointed with the quality of some of the parts they use and furthermore with the quality of their customer service and support, it migth just be me but i get the feeling that nobody really cares of ones issues.. i am sorry, it is just me venting, i am very frustated with this, and on top of that to know that there is a "Club" that i might just be part of now.. Funny. i know my Amp is still under warranty and i am not sure where should i take it for a Check up or repair.

I have owned over the years several Fender, Marshall, Mesa products and never ever having to deal with a repair or perfomance issues, not easy for one to abandon and put away all that good old relaible gear to try this new company new ideas and technology and have issues, Again.. Just me Venting, nothing personal, i still love my Line 6 Gear, just wish it worked rigth.

Re: DT25 Sound Dropped Out
by kjmccann on 2013-02-20 11:12:03.9460

Hello mate, just logged on to see if i could find out what might have happened to my DT25. Had a similar problem to you. Sound gradually cut out and the then cut out completely, mid gig. Hope they turn around the repair quickly, I've got another gig a week on saturday !

Re: DT25 Sound Dropped Out
by whiteop on 2013-02-21 05:50:49.7810

Well the purpose of setting up a thread for customers to chime in about their experiences about their DT amps with power transformer issues wasn't to bash Line 6 because I like and use quite a bit of their products, it was to bring this phenomenon to other potential consumers attention before they invest $900 - $1400 on an amp and the DD units which will bring it up to anywhere from a low of $1200 up to as high as about $1900 before taxes. That's a lot of coin for the frustration and effort of shipping your amp. Many of us have to drive quite a ways just to ship the amp. It was also to reaffirm that this is a real problem and hopefully give Line 6 some motivation to fix a serious problem with what could have been a truly great amp. It's also to share experiences to see if there's a common denominator to help determine what's causing it if it isn't cheap and poorly made power transformers. I think there are many that haven't checked in here because they haven't got around to it yet or have done so in other threads.

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