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Can I sync my AX2 MIDI with Ableton?
by DarbyJ on 2013-02-21 01:51:42.4980

Hey there all.  I'm trying to output the MIDI clock from my AX2 212 to Ableton Live so that I can record its Delay effects in time with my Ableton project.  I have it routed from MIDI Out / In to USB and I can see my device (M-Audio MIDI-Sport Uno 1x1 in the MIDI Setup) but I don't see any sort of MIDI information being sent.  Also, how would I be able to set the BPM for the Delay effect?  Is this sort of feature (MIDI clock sync) something that wasn't built into the AX2 because it wasn't something common to do (using DAWs) back in 97~98?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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