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HD500 demo track: violin
by BlueViolince on 2013-02-21 13:41:33.1280

I just posted a new clip on Soundcloud.  I recorded this in three takes,  One voice is my normal clean violin with a pitch glide, faded in and out on Exp-1.  Second voice is my echo washy patch, and the third is my digeridoo patch, which is a Hiway 100, parallel sub octave fuzz and facial fuzz, and and a growler after the parallel chain.  I used a volume pedal before the amp, and one after the effects blocks.  Both use Exp-1, but they are set to have opposite sweeps so the volume is constant, but the signal going into the fuzz and growler varies, giving the filter sweep.  The drum track was done in Propellerhead Figure. 

Re: HD500 demo track: violin
by joel_brown on 2013-02-21 15:01:20.6220

Very nice tones, very creative use of the volume pedal too. 

Re: HD500 demo track: violin
by BlueViolince on 2013-02-21 16:22:27.5320

Thanks, I've tried a lot of things to get that digeridoo sound, but having the reversible parameter on the expression pedal was what I needed.  As for the pitch, it's another effect that never worked really well for violin, but just doing a straight octave that I can blend in is a much better setup.  Until I can get my hands on an Eventide, of course. 

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