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DT25 with Orange 212OB Cab
by JKorzyp on 2013-02-21 18:39:27.9830

Just thought I would throw it out there if anyone is looking to match DT25 with an Orange 212OB cab. I could not find anyone who did this on the web or even spoke of it.

I took a chance. Liked the DT112 match cab but wanted more bass and fill. Didn't want to go 412-too big for my house. Use a Rock Crusher attenuator with these as well. Sounds better than the "Low Volume" switch on the back.

This is a killer match up. Sound is awesome and actually just what I was looking for. Full of sound, great tone and a lot of fill. I even tried a Closed back Orange 212 which again paired really well with this head. I tried the 412 Line 6 and it was not very good for a cab. So bottom line, the DT25 112Cab is very good but a little light on bass and room fill. A good answer is Orange PPC212OB or CB with this DT25 and a good attenuator. It really does sound good and a keeper.

Line 6 needs to come out with a 212cab to use with this DT25 similar to the 112cab. I would probably go that way if they made it. I think the 112cab is good but some of us want just a little more depth while holding that "thump" of a closed cab.

Keep in mind that the open back is an open back so if you crank the volume, the bass does get a little mushy like they all do but the closed back (although pretty pricey) is a great cab by Orange.

For what it's worth.



Orange PPC212OB

Rock Crusher



PRS-Paul Allander

All sound great with this rig.

Re: DT25 with Orange 212OB Cab
by Hoagie7 on 2013-03-09 11:51:10.6880

I have the exact same setup and it sounds really good so far. Just got the amp yesterday and I'm thinking of selling everything else.

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