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Different Variax 700 I just bought
by RainJ on 2013-02-21 23:48:05.3500

I own several of the Acoustic Variax700 guitars and gig on them full time 52 weeks a year.  Matched up to an old XT live its the best utility guitar for the money.

I just bought one on eBay a couple months ago that is a bit different and I wonder what I have.

This one is the sunburst finish, is much lighter weight than my other Acoustic 700 models, has white,rubber tips on the three fader/sliders and a spring loaded cover over the cat5 jack.

What do I have here?  A late model or a knock off?

Thanks in advance,

Biloxi, MS - New Orleans, LA

Re: Different Variax 700 I just bought
by phil_m on 2013-02-22 07:03:46.7130

Well, the JTVs have spring loaded covers over the VDI jacks, so perhaps someone replaced the jack, or maybe Line 6 started using that jack on the 700 acoustics towards the end of their production. They were discontinued in 2010, and that was the same year the JTVs were introduced. As far as the rubber tips, that could easily be a later addition, too. I highly doubt you have a knock-off. I just can't imagine anyone trying to make a knock-off of that guitar with all the proprietary electronics that are in it.

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