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FBV longboard problem
by stevefitz1 on 2013-02-22 07:25:23.4770

I have just got an fbv longboard to use with my Vetta 1 which has been upgraded to 2. Works fine apart from the volume pedal switches off between sounds, which means I have to down the volume pedal to switch it on nearly every time i change the sound or it comes on at full volume. Not good when at a gig and you have to change quick. Also my Vetta has always made some strange buzzing noises when playing at high volumes between playing. Any ideas on how I could keep the FBV volume on would be great.

Re: FBV longboard problem
by DickFoster on 2013-02-22 13:19:21.6070

I'm thinking all you have to do is to turn the pedal on then save the patch with the pedal still on. You have to do this for each patch you want to use with the pedal/pedals on because they're both off/inactive by default.

You can also reassign pedal function then save the patch with the reassignment active. When you punch up that patch again it should the way you saved it.

The buzz could be coming from the guitar, a bad cable or many other sources. It would be a good idea to just switch off the amps with the amp on buttons between sets. Or if you're talking about between solos, use that volume pedal because, that's what it was really made for. Or maybe some caps in the power supply are starting to go south. Any florescent lights in the area? 

Re: FBV longboard problem
by stevefitz1 on 2013-02-27 03:11:27.9110

Thanks for the reply, I am new to the amp and board so didnt know you had to save the volume on for every patch. The wierd Buz is not the guitar or leads, it comes from the amp between playing I could only describe it as sounding like the noise a speaker makes when a mobile phone is near it. The volume pedal even though calibrated and with the patch volume set to zero still does not cut off all of the volume.

Re: FBV longboard problem
by DickFoster on 2013-02-27 09:53:12.6800

Could be some caps starting to leak in one of the power supplies. Maybe a electronics techie friend could dig around inside with a scope and track it down for ya.

Have you tried hitting the amp1 and amp 2 buttons. Is the noise still there when both are off, or is it following just one of the channels.  Also a good idea is to set the power to half, (it's in setup) if you're not using all the juice the amp has avaliable during your sets.

If you haven't yet, I suggest giving your Pilot's Handbook a quick read. If nothing else, it's entertaining and will go a long way toward your getting the most out of your rig. If you didn't get one with your amp, it's available for download. 

I don't know where it is on the Line 6 site anymore. They have it well hidden or have gotten so bad regarding the Vetta now that they've taken it off the site completely. Line6 seems intent on killing off this amp as if it never existed although it's probably best product that they've ever made. If anything that attitude is costing them sales. I know I won't buy anything Line6 unless and until they change their attitude and improve support for their legacy stuff. There is no resonable excuse for the way it is now. 

Edit: Sorry MY mistake, my apologies. I did some more digging and found it here. Here are links to everything they've got for the Vetta II combo.

Re: FBV longboard problem
by stevefitz1 on 2013-03-04 03:15:02.9530

Is is possible to save the volume on to the factory settings, I seem to get all of the buzzing etc on the user setting. I think I might have to do a factory reset, the amp is all over the place on user settings and I cant seem to correct it even if I reset the volume levels etc It feeds back even on low volume and the volume pedal does'nt seem to work properly it just does not cut through, But on factory its fine. 

Re: FBV longboard problem
by DickFoster on 2013-03-04 08:05:43.4040

I don't think you can but something doesn't make any sense or maybe it does now. Perhaps you have some funky setting that you're storing in all of your patches. The buzzing is an analog thing while the patches are all related to the microcontroller and memory so it should not have any effect unless you have some funky setting that is being stored that is exacerbating the buzz.

Maybe you need to slow down and start with a really clean factory patch then store it to a user patch and take it step by step from there. Did you give the manual a read yet? There is a lot to this amp that won't may any sense at all unless you can gain a grasp of what's going on with it. If you haven't yet I suggest you make that the next thing you do. Beleive me, it's really worth the time. 

BTW if things aren't saving as they should, it says you probably need a new backup battery. The battery is inside the amp and soldered in so the amp has to be taken apart to change it. 

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