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Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by Spiderplayer7 on 2013-02-23 08:53:57.6270

Hi there. I mostly use my 700 electric via VDI into my HD500 for gigging, but have the battery pack with fresh batteries in the case in the event of the HD500 failing - I could then use the jack out with a normal guitar cable. But I would also like to use the jack out for jams etc. when I don't have the HD500 with me - at the moment I usually take along another guitar.

Anyone tried recharcheable batteries - if so do they work? This could save some money on normal AAs....

Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by amx05462 on 2013-02-23 09:43:49.8020

there are  different  thoughts on them.  used to be  if you didnt let them bottom out  then   they would  have  shorter   and  shorter  life  as time  went  on.  in the case  of the  variax  i found that if the  batteries  werent  at peak   or near to it    i would  have  problems   if you test  your  regular  batterys  for charge  when   they dont run the variax   you may find  like i did  that the battery has plenty of charge to be  used  elsewhere. in my case  i used a 9 volt vs  the aas.  every time  there  was plenty left.

  that being  said  the  more  modern ones   are supposed  to be better.  but  i havent tryed them.

theres  only one way to find  out.

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by Spiderplayer7 on 2013-02-23 12:11:21.6540

Thanks for your reply - I've never tried the Variax with a 9v - how long do they tend to last??

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by amx05462 on 2013-02-23 12:16:41.5130

really no longer  than tha aas  but  i didnt  have the  battery holder  so thats  what i used.. no problem using them at all   then when they didnt  run the vax  they were still good for a long time  in my pedals..  i think once they were  down about 20 percent  that was it  in the variax. but every time id  check them and  the needle  on my battery checker  was well into the green.  so  into a pedal or a tuner  or what ever  else  needed a battery. so i atleast got  my moneys  worth  out of the battery.

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by Spiderplayer7 on 2013-02-23 12:27:39.1740

Thanks, that's good to know. I think I used to get about 6 hours out of the AAs (but haven't used batteries for years as I gig with the VDI cable)  - is it about the same (6 hours) for the 9v in your experience?

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by amx05462 on 2013-02-23 13:02:39.3250

es  thats  about   what i got.  otoh  when i first got  it  and if  i left the   trs cable plugged  into it.    that would  seriouslu  drop.   the key was  when not playing  unplug the  guitar as the trs  cable  is the  on off  switch for the battery.  when i transpanted   the  vax  into another body i also made  up a  strap woth  two attery pockets.   inside the  strap i  put  a set of  wires  going too a 9 volt connector end.  at the bottom of the strap a wire  with  the same  end   went  into the   back  battery area. the  pockets  were up front  where  i could  easily get at them . were the battery  to go on me. i could  quickly change  tothe other    in a couple  of seconds woithout putting the  guitar down or having to fiddle  with  that back door on the guitar...

my own little  inovation.

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by Spiderplayer7 on 2013-02-24 01:34:05.4670

Thanks for your reply. I like your 2-battery innovation - sounds great. I guess with a transplant you can do your own thing and add stuff which works for you. There seemed to be plenty of transplants around with the original variaxes - I wonder if anyone has transplanted a JTV yet? I've tried a JTV-59 and a JTV-69 and wasn't that impressed with  build quality - and the necks were strange IMO - nut width too narrow, frets too big for me. Neither of them were anywhere near the quality/playability of my 700 electric. But as time passes I'm getting more and more anxious about my 700 failing and not being able to mend it as Line 6 don't seem to be supporting them anymore....

Re: Recharcheable batteries in Variax 700?
by amx05462 on 2013-02-24 06:08:31.3410

thats  how i felt about  my 300. the  neck was bearable  but that  over  thick body was  uncomfortable.

and clunky

                  i put min in a dan electro dc  59.  

  as to the new  ones.    well i  think at some  point theres  going to  be people   transplanting  just for the  reasons  you  mentioned. but  at that price   i dont think youll see that soon.

probably  years  up the road  when there  on ebay for resale..

as to line  6 support.  anything  with electronics     ends  up that way for two reasons   .  some  people  dont  garee though.  one    is   it cost   money to stock items that are  outdated .  one  is  wasted  space  and the  other is  inventory tax.  the second  is  people  move  on  it  doesnt pay to stock  these  old  items  for   a couple  of chances  someone  may need  them.  example  of this is    old  radios. my brother  is  into that  he has a very hard time  getting parts . so he  goes  to  flea  markets  and  sales  and  has to  do his own stocking  of  spare parts. 

  if you really  like  your   700   then  i would  suggest the  same to you.   pickups  can still be  gotten from lr baggs  but i think you need  to buy a  set.  as far as the boards  you  will have to check places  like   craisg  list  ebay  etc  to  try to find  them. also keep a  few  backup copys  of  the  software  updated   drivers  or what ever   might be needed  on an external hard drive  or  one  of those    chips everyone  is using these  days  incase  line  6  decides  to delete  all that stuff..

unfortunately  we  live  in a fast paced  society  where  change  is the  order  of the day and  everything  is  throw  away and  not  made to last.  as to the  necks  on the  new  ones  ..well   id  imagine   there  still using bolt  on necks   . if youdecide  to get one  most likely    they are  still using   gibson  and  fender   neck pocket  dimensions    and  this  would  allow  you to get what you want  from   either  one of them or  order a warmouth  neck..

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