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Using POD HD 500 as MIDI controller.
by TonyLorinz on 2013-02-23 09:24:36.8240

Hello guys,

I just bought my POD HD 500 so I am novice.

I want to use the pod hd 500 as a midi controller in cubase 5.Like a keyboard midi controller or, to be more precise, use my guitar with the pod as a midi guitar.

I have: the pod hd 500, a audio interface (M-Audio Fast Track Pro), midi cable, usb cable for pod, 1/4" cables, my guitar.

I am trying this way: connecting my usb cable from pod hd 500 into my pc, the midi cable from the pod connected into the MIDI out port from POD and the other part connected in the MIDI in port of my M-Audio fast track pro, and the 1/4" cable from into my guuitar and in the guitar in port.

In cubase I already selected the asio of my fast track pro and from pod but nothing seems to happen.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Re: Using POD HD 500 as MIDI controller.
by jimsreynolds on 2013-02-24 05:04:39.6960

Sorry this is not possible.  The HD500 can send midi cc and pc messages. But will not do the analog to midi note conversion that you are looking for. If you search this forum you will find several confirmations of this.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.