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M9 Tap Tempo Switch NOT responding often
by suds13 on 2013-02-23 13:48:33.2800

Here is the low down, I bought this m9 used from Guitar Center almost two years ago in great condition. It had velcro added to the bottom, but had only been used a few times. I play everyday and thus use my m9 everyday. I also play on a worship team, and need the Tap Tempo switch to switch scenes so that I don't have to tap the tempo in every song. Almost two weeks ago I noticed that the switch was not responding normally. Currently if I twist the switch a little bit and then press it, it will work, but after I use it once I have to twist it again before it starts to work. When it does respond to my tap it either goes to 30bpm or 230bpm. Is it possible that I can simply open up the m9 and line up the switch or the receptor pad? (Assuming they came out of line) Any other possible issues that may be causing this? By the way all of my delays and effects are set to Tap Tempo and getting to the Looper is also a pain.

Thanks. If need be I will make a video and put it up to show what I'm saying.

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