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Just completed the dream
by ggz123 on 2013-02-24 16:06:18.8920

I was one of the early adopters of the M20D.  I recently purchased 2 ea L3Ts and 2 ea L3Ss.  Gigged in 2 differrent places Friday night and Saturday night.  Let me be as clear as I can be, complete your system and buy the speakers. I play in a band ( plug!) that plays dance covers and it currently producing an album.  Everything was connected via Link 6 cabling, wace were using IEMs on all 4 auxs, and our sound guy was doing his thing both nights via an iPad.  It was marvelous, the comments and feedback we received about the crisp, well balanced sound were non-stop.  I have to tell you I listened to the LT3s at a local store several months ago and was not impressed.....BUT the speakers were not connected to the M20D.  My baseline frame of reference was QSC KW153s and KW118s.  I am now going to sell the KW153s.  The entire Line 6 system together is THAT GOOD.  The stage was clean (no floor monitors) and these speaksers have a unbelievable pattern spread for their size.  They are compact therefore much easier to load in and out of my van.(I have more room in the van).  They are not light, but are no more heavier that the QSC counterparts.  They are built like tanks.  The subs (L3Ss) have wheels and the speaker bags for the LTs appear to have wheels as well,  However, the L3T handle makes it very easy to move the speaker.  You have probably heard that the system needs to be used together to get the full benefit and I have witnessed it first hand.  The M20D is awesome with any speakers, but with the Line 6 speakers via Link 6 it goes to a unbelievable level.  I can even use my QSC KW118 subs if so desired.  I will keep the QSC subs just in case I need some extra low end this summer with large outside gigs, but I don't think I will!  I can not stress how crisp, balanced the sound was and the coverage with just 2 tops and 2 tops was unbelievable.  The first night the gigs was a small intimate gig, the 2nd night was a very large venue.  I had the LTs dial at 12:00 and the L3Ss at 3:00.  The M20D main volume never went above -10.  The extra headroom is unbelievable.  SO SIMPLE TO SET UP VIA LINK 6.  The iPad app to run sound was amazing and didn't have one hiccup.  It took our sound guy a little getting use to adjusting levels via the virtual encoders, but after a couple of minutes it was a breeze.  There was some times a very slight delay when he made some adjustments the second night, but he was also at times 30-40 yards from the stage.  Again, I can't recommend enough the whole system.  Again, I am selling my QSC KW153s which are also very great speakers.  I am a singer and keyboard player,  The M20D is the first Line 6 product I ever purchased.  I now own a Line 6 wireless microphone, a wireless relay for my keytar (yes  a Roland Ax-synth which rocks) and now the speakers.  AND I have 2 more L3Ts on the way.  The price dropped and I made the investment and could not be more happy.

The Line 6 tech support has also been the best I have ever dealt with.  I want to emphasise that my dealings with them have been mainly questions and not issues with any of the equipment I have purchased.  Our guitar play just purchased a Line 6 amp and our base player is currently looking at buying a Line 6 amp as well.

Do yourself a favor, if you can complete your system......DO IT!

Re: Just completed the dream
by selbalicious on 2013-02-25 12:21:02.0680

heh heh.  so Greg...uh...which was the bigger venue (I'm trying to get a feel for these...I've been drooling too!).  I was going to nix the subs and just go with L3T's and L3M's for floor monitoring whilst still going with a STEREO monitor out to stereo headphone amps for in-ears.

Inquiring minds want to know.


Kevin B. Selby

Re: Just completed the dream
by silverhead on 2013-02-25 13:45:48.2230

I think it depends on whether you will using bass-heavy instruments in your setup (e.g., bass guitar or kick drum). If not I think you will get away without the L3s units. But if you want a bass guitar or kick drum to really come through I think you will benefit from the L3s.

Re: Just completed the dream
by ggz123 on 2013-03-02 11:38:37.5460

Hi Kevin!

The bigger venue was Swiftwater Cellars.  Big open room, soaring ceilings, 2 levels, etc. etc.

I actually used the system last night at Jokers and the Jokers staff/management couldn't believe the sound.  (of course I think the awesome band had something to do with it!

The house speaker system has 2 x 18" subs on each side, 2 x 15" mids on each side and 2 x 1.75" horns on each side.  All passvie with a tone of amps in the side room off the stage to run and a snake that goes all the way to the back for the mixing board.

I brought in the L3Ts, the L3Ss and supplemented the subs with my QSC KW118s since it is a youngter crowd that likes that club thump.  The Line 6 system delivered in a huge way and our sound guy was in the audience with an iPad all night.  We set up and tore down in under 30 minutes...saved the settings for the next time we play there.  This is making performing music VERY FUN again since I don't have to worry about mixing and just performing. 

I am not sure if you will need the subs for the style of music you are doing but I would certainly be willing to let you try one of mine my friend.

Re: Just completed the dream
by selbalicious on 2013-03-02 17:57:45.1970

awesome!  Jokers is truly a cool place.  Jealous!!  A LOT has to happen for me to start performing live again...but IF it happens, I'd say I have a definite path forward.  I WAS going to just go find some used JBL 15" Eons and go through those (have used a pair before and they're plenty "good enough" for what we're doing)...however, your recent raves about using the M20d with Line6 speakers has me thinking I just may have to build my "dream system" too.

I'm ALSO looking at making setup/teardown an UNDER-30 minutes endeavor (currently...with all my "stuff" it's at LEAST 1.5 hours for all the stuff we want to do).

Sounds like you have all the local real-time experience and that is VERY valuable to the other bands in the area (side note to readers: Mr. Greg and I are in two different bands in the same city...and we have a mutual-admiration-society going...heh heh).  I think your comment "music is VERY FUN again" is well taken.  Sometimes I'm so danged exhausted after the gig simply from the MENTAL exercises I had to go through...sheesh!  If I get the M20d I'm actually looking forward to the sheer awsomeness of VERY cool channel strips for each mic/instrument.  Sounds like the M20d has everything covered.  Another side note: I will probably never be in as large a band as Mr. Greg, so I will have tons of leftover channels...but it's good to know they're there if I ever need them.

Keep it rockin' bubba!!  Primitive Circus does indeed rock!


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