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Reamping HD500
by sulkbooth on 2013-02-26 00:29:37.7330

I want to use my HD500 for my guitar sounds in my home studio, and since the USB capabilities isn't the best (as for instance my POD X3?) I was wondering if my connection could be like this:

Guitar --> Tascam FW 1884 controller/audio interface

FW1884 Output  --> POD HD500 --> FW1884 input

The FW1884 also has stereo S/PDIF inputs and outputs, more infor here if anyone is interested.

What do you guys think? Would that be a possible solution?

This way I can use the POD HD editor to save my sounds and so on.

I suppose the POD also could receive midi messages to change sounds?

Re: Reamping HD500
by bjnette on 2013-02-26 15:52:25.6780

FW, I am pretty sure runs a different data stream then s/pdif

The HD500 does not have a s/pdif input only an output.

It is possible with much tweaking to run an analogue input into the HD 500.

With a reamp box it is totally possible.

Without one you have to teak the ohms input to a line level. A little noisy for my liking but can be done in a pinch using noise gate on the HD and in the DAW return which I use as s/pdif but could be the XLR outs into your interface.

Re: Reamping HD500
by MontyM on 2013-02-26 18:50:24.9000

To drop the line level signal coming out of your interface, you'll need a reamping DI, like the following model from Radial.">">

Re: Reamping HD500
by spaceatl on 2013-02-26 19:12:26.1760

You can do it without a reamp box if your Interface can do instrument level output (discrete hardware monitor output)...Most decent interfaces will be able to configure the output level to line or instrument...

A dragger box gives your some control over impedance since the interface output is buffered...But I think most draggers are over-price for what they are actually doing...My EMU 1821 does instrument level output just fine and I actually prefer having a buffer drive the input of the rig I am recording...The tonal impedance variation is captured fine...granted the slight difference in those dynamics doesn't make enough difference to me...perhaps it does for some, or it's just another tonal placebo...more than one way to skin a cat...

Re: Reamping HD500
by sulkbooth on 2013-02-27 00:25:00.3030

If you have track#1 - guitar input (dry guitar, directly from your DI box or whatever. The FW1884 has a "guitar input" track) - I'll enable for record and instead of sending the sound to the monitor/master I send it to output #3. (FW1884 has 8 outputs, 1 and 2 is Master)

Output #3 is connected to the guitar input of the HD500.  AFAIK, this has impedance control? 

And I'll then connect the output of the HD500 to track #2 and #3 (for stereo). I can also use SPDIF out of the HD500, and SPDIF in at FW1884.

If I want the sound of the HD500 when playing, I'll have to enable input monitoring for track #2 and #3 I think? Or I can use headphones....  

Anyone have a clue if this would work, or will it only be a mess? 

Regarding the "impedance problem": I can not see how the impedance would be a problem? Would it be for the output from FW1884 in to HD500?

Re: Reamping HD500
by bjnette on 2013-02-27 05:07:52.5430

I just looked it up the FW1840 is a Tascam FW interface (nice)

Yes out of it into the HD but while spacati says you can contoll the interface to instrument this from my experience is usually not so. You get two choices, one of line level consumer at -10db and +4 for connecting profession audio equipment.

You will need a reamp get predictable results. Some better DIs can be reversed and work okay as a reamper.

Re: Reamping HD500
by spaceatl on 2013-02-27 10:28:47.9050

hmmm....I see three...Mic, -10 and +4 line...When I reamp with my 1821 the signal path is like this...

Tracks Capture...

Guitar->EMU A (mic level)---> this is armed in a track...

EMU out 3 (2L in ASIO)->Rig Input (might be a pedalboard, HD guitar input...whatever)...generally the important thing is that this assignment doesn't need to be heard...just the ASIO level is set to -10...

Generally take some direct or mics off the rig depending...I have 18 total inputs available, so it can get a little crazy sometimes...

flip the ASIO configuration to my reamp config...Track with EMU A (dry guitar) is directly assigned to out 3 (2L in ASIO)....The playback is identical to the level I tweaked the rig with for tracking and I have used passive AB to compare this...basically, EMU A is a very high quality mic preamp with tons of headroom...the output buffers are strong too (> 120db SN)...I have had it for quite a long while and it is one of the best peices of gear I have ever owned...

just my opinion, Drag boxes are sorta like those billett aluminum attenuators...the box costs more than what they are actually doing...if a drag box floats your boat, more power to you...and not all interfaces are created equal so I can see where something like that is handy...

Re: Reamping HD500
by sulkbooth on 2013-02-27 12:32:48.7630

hmmmm... Anyone have a clue based on this?

I can see output (balanced) is 100ohm, nominal +4dBu and can be adjusted up to +20dBu?

Input is possible to set to 1M  Ohm (guitar input)

fw1884 in_out_specifications.jpg

Re: Reamping HD500
by spaceatl on 2013-02-27 12:35:16.7960

You are good to go I think...Looks like a nice interface...

Re: Reamping HD500
by sulkbooth on 2013-02-27 12:44:09.7400

Thanks, I will start to experiment now

The interface is super (for my Sonar DAW) and it is a shame Tascam discontinued it. It has been discontinued for several years, it does not even have proper Windows7 compability.

But if you have a TI Firewire card, it works perfectly with both Win7 and supposedly also Win8.

Thanks for the input

Re: Reamping HD500
by bjnette on 2013-02-28 03:30:01.2390

The output impedence is 100ohms.  I see that your interface has a 1megohm guitar input.

This is why you need a reamp device to change the impedence back so when you plug into the HD500 it is close to a guitar signal and the HD will respond with better dynamics.

But, when you lower the impedence on the HD the guitar being close to a meg ohm gets a tone change as its reduced.

With your line level 100ohm output lowering the input impedence may not affect the tone as much as a guitar plugged in would.

With my Motu output the tone was okayish but there was too much noise to be of use.Thus reamper.

I hope your setup gives you good results.

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