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StageSource Stereo Pair Config Options
by Vinslom_Bardy on 2013-02-26 06:27:24.0620


I am planning to use a pair of Line 6 StageSource L2's in a stereo config for my keyboard/acoustic guitar on-state monitor rig, and am wondering about how the mixer of the L2t behaves in pairs.

Mainly: If you network two L2t's using the link cable, do you get a 4-channel mixer, or does one mixer become redundant. If the latter is the case, would a single L2t (with mixer) coupled with a single L2m (no mixer) be the right way to go? The mixer is a nice option, but I do currently own a small Yamaha mixer that I mix my multiple keys rig. Technically, I don't even need the L2t's mixer, but think it would be a nice perk.

Please chime in on your experiences.

Much obliged,


Re: StageSource Stereo Pair Config Options
by line6jonb on 2013-02-26 17:25:35.3570


All of the below is applicable to both L3t's and L2t's.  L3m and L2m models do not have mixer so this is not applicable in terms of inputs. 

When you L6 Link 2 L3t's together they configure to left and right.  Whichever L3t/L2t is sending the L6 Link OUT will default to Left and whichever has L6 Link IN will default to Right.  Now, when the STEREO LINK switch is selected on your left L3t/L2t, input 1 on your left speaker will only come out the left side, while input 2 will only come out the right side.  If you move the STEREO LINK switch to DUAL MONO, each input will come out of both speakers, with the GAIN on each input controlling the level of that input coming out of BOTH speakers. 

If you then take the L6 Link OUT connection from your Right L3t/L2t, and plug it to the L6 Link IN on your LEFT L3t/L2t you will effectively have both speakers sending L6 Link data to each other.  Then, you can switch STEREO LINK on the mixer on both speakers.  If you then plug in to the mixer inputs on your RIGHT speaker, your input 1 will be sent to the LEFT L3t/L2t, and input 2 will stay at the RIGHT speaker, with the gain for each input controlling that respective input, even if the audio is acutally coming out of the other speaker. 

If you switch both STEREO LINK switches to DUAL MONO, all 4 inputs will come out of both speakers, with the GAIN level for that input controlling the volume of that input out of both speakers. 

So, yes, if you use 2 L2t/L3t speakers and L6 Link them both to eachother - keep in mind this requires 2 L6 Link cables, 1 to go out the left and into the right, and 1 to go out the right and into the left - you effectively have a 4 channel mixer with mains that can be controlled in stereo or dual mono.

Re: StageSource Stereo Pair Config Options
by Vinslom_Bardy on 2013-02-27 06:49:51.6200

Thanks for this excellent description. One more question before I mark this as "answered":

Does a setup consisting of one L2m and one L2t (or an L3m and a L3t) connected with an L6 Link also function as a "normal" stereo configuration, but with fewer mixer inputs, or is it considered more of a hackish approach? Is this configuration even supported or recommended by Line 6?



Re: StageSource Stereo Pair Config Options
by Icewind on 2013-02-27 08:46:05.2710


I believe that L2m+L2t is not only supported, but is actually the recommended configuration from Line 6.

Hope this helps.


Re: StageSource Stereo Pair Config Options
by silverhead on 2013-02-27 09:19:48.6850

I have used 2 L3t speakers as a stereo pair, connected via L6 LINK with two L6 LINK cables.  It works very well for me in a duo with another guitarist/vocalist. I connect my HD500 analog outputs to the Line In in one of the L3t rear panels, as well as my acoustic guitar and a mic in the same L3t 2-channel mixer. My partner uses the other L3t mixer/rear panel for his setup.

The stereo/mono audio is determined as described by line6jonb above, making the two L3ts an effective 4-channel mixer while also supporting 2 separate stereo line inputs.

Re: StageSource Stereo Pair Config Options
by line6jonb on 2013-02-27 15:53:08.4810

A L3t and L3m (or L2t and L2m) L6 Linked together is supported by Line 6.  I would consider it normal and not "hackish" at all.  You can also L6 Link a L3t to a L2t or L2m, but, if being used as mains, a L3t and L2 would be an asymetrical system... which could be considered slightly hackish. But the speakers are quite stylish.   

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