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JTV-69 model selector knob no work unstable, seems battery issue
by acluke on 2013-02-26 06:56:44.1650

Hi all,

My JTV-69 model selector knob is no work unstable,

I can use a while when I plug my guitar cable(5~10mins), then the knob light off. I can't press it on again, but battery still with power..

(sometimes it doesn't off directly, light twinkling....then light off)

In that case, I can't reflash my flash memory....

I don't know whether is really battery issue, but I don't have Variax DI box for double checking, have anyone with same issue before?

Re: JTV-69 model selector knob no work unstable, seems battery issue
by Kupsik on 2013-03-01 23:52:28.6490

Do you have any possibility (music store, friend) to try your JTV with any Line6 VDI equiped gear - HD500, X3 Live, etc.? Or someone with older Variax with A/B box (">"> ? That way you can be sure if it's battery or something else.

Re: JTV-69 model selector knob no work unstable, seems battery issue
by Xender on 2013-03-25 23:35:20.5530

Pretty much the same problem here.  Took posession of it on Friday and now Monday it started acting up.  Mainly switching from pickups to models.  I was able to restore the firmware but no change.  Line 6 monkey recognizes it.  I do have an HD500 and it makes no difference so I don't think its the battery.  I think the switch is faulty.  It now will only play using the pickups if I remove the battery so when powered it must still think its in model mode but fails to do anything when powered.  When playing using the pickups I think only 1 or both of the single coils are working as the #1 position (humbucker) is silent when selected and there is no change when using the the other switch positions.  Interesting thing to me is that somewhere along the line of my research for this guitar I could have sworn there was a statement saying 'if the electornics fail you still have a real guitar with real pickups'.  Not so in this case.  The guitar is useless, very nice looking, excellent craftsmanship, but useless.

I'm going to send it back but I will get another.

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