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Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dperry85 on 2013-02-26 13:04:34.0760

Hey guys, been reading a lot the last few days, and still have lots to read. The HD 500 is very overwhelming but with patience I think it'll be exactly what I'm looking for. I have a 15w(all-tube) egnater tweaker I'm wanting to play the POD through. I've looked into the 4 cable method and still have some understanding to do but will get there. I was curious if any one else had a similar amp and could share their experience and outcomes how they have it setup? I think for now I'm just going to use it as a pedalboard since I love the tones I get from my tweaker. However, I will eventually want to mess with the model amps, etc.

Great forum, look forward to learning quite a bit, and I don't want to bug you guys with questions that have been asked over and over. Just seeing if any one has had a similar setup to mine.

Any tips, tricks for starters are extremely welcome. Thanks and have a good afternoon.

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dperry85 on 2013-02-26 13:14:14.9260

Also, for the record. I play in a cover band(old rock). I don't do any recording(maybe eventually down the road for fun). Would I be better off selling my boutique amp and getting a pre-amp and going straight into the PA? We just started mic'ing our amps so that might not be an option. I just want the easiest(and best sounding) setup while gigging.

Sorry if I didn't include adequate information, just let me know.

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dbagchee on 2013-02-26 15:57:00.0120

The 4 cable method (4CM) can be tricky to setup. Depending on the amp and the loop level it has you have to setup the levels properly to not lose the natural tone of the amp. I'd suggest just simply going into the fx return and bypassing the amp's pre amp when you want to start messing with the Pod HD amp models. In my opinion, the Pod HD sounds great into a tube amp. If you want to hook up to a PA you don't need anything else - just take the mic cable you were going to use to mic the amp with and connect it the XLR out on the Pod HD. As long as you have monitors to hear it you should be good to go. So far for me I haven't been able to go straight to the PA and have it "feel" right. I'm just so used to having my sound come out of an amp but lots of guys here do it and love it.

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dperry85 on 2013-02-26 18:05:20.5550

thanks for the reply. hopefully more will chime in.

what amp do you run your pod to? i don't mind doing that at all since i love the cleans the tweaker can produce but not sure where to dial the EQ at, on the head itself

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dbagchee on 2013-02-26 18:13:35.6440

I run into either my Mesa Stiletto or Blackstar HT-5. If you connect the Pod just into the fx return of the tweaker it will bypass all the controls on the Egnater (except perhaps volume) so you don't need to worry about them. At that point it's basically just acting as a tube power amp. The vintage/modern, bright/normal, and tight/deep might have some effect on the tone (not sure if those effect the pre amp or the power amp)

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by StephenSLR on 2013-02-27 03:49:13.1800

I'd suggest just simply going into the fx return and bypassing the amp's pre amp

Do run the lead from the HD500 FX Send or 1/4" out?


Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dbagchee on 2013-02-27 08:13:42.3830

I use the 1/4" out. You only need to use the FX send for 4CM. Running the 1/4" out just makes it super simple. One cable to the guitar input on the Pod, one cable to the amp return and done. Set the volume on the amp and then focus all your tweaking on the Pod.

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by vidaljuanes on 2013-02-27 09:19:07.3130

Holas, hay varios hilos donde recomiendan el metodo de 4 cables especialmente para equipos como el Egnater.

y debes considerar el corecto orden de los efectos (distorsiones a la entrada y modulaciones en el SEN y Return.)

el tema es super interesante yo estoy por comprar el Tourmaster


Hello, there are several threads which recommend the 4-wire method especially for teams like Egnater.

and should consider the correct order of effects (distortion at the entrance and modulations in the SEN and Return.)

the topic is really interesting I'm about to buy the Tourmaster


Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dperry85 on 2013-03-02 15:36:20.3280

Random question. Spent a good time reading the advanced manual. Learned a LOT.

But a stupid question:

Looking at the Signal Flow View...

When making a new patch, how do I have move the "mixer" looking icon(it looks like a guiar pickup to me) around?

I see some presets have it in different places but can't figure out how to move it around to where I want it.

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dbagchee on 2013-03-02 15:47:44.2820

You can't move the mixer directly, but you can move the other fx blocks before and after it (effectively moving the mixer around)

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by dperry85 on 2013-03-02 16:59:38.8760

thank you all

i've done quite a bit of reading and am going to experiment. at first i learned how to do the pod edit software but it was rather easy after a few hours. i didn't want to get stranded at a show sometime and not know my way around the smaller, screen on the board itself. spent a few hours today messing with that.

still trying to get the amp models better, going to try direct/studio and turn the cabs models off to see how they sound. as of now i am going into the loop fx return.

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-03 05:51:04.8290

Smart move getting to know the POD physical controls.   For live it is essential to know how to make a last minute trim to something.  Just remember to backup all your patches before you go out to the show so you can track where you came from if you mess up something while live.

If you like the sound of your Egnater on its own (and want just to use the POD FX) then it may well be worth doing 4CM but agree that the 1/4" output to Amp FX return is easier to control in many ways.  With that said, once you have setup 4CM properly it really isn't that difficult to use or maintain ... though set some time aside to create and understand  the initial setup.

Finally, if you haven't seen it, checkout Meambobbos High Gain Tone guide which is  pinned as a featured discussion in this forum.">">

Re: Egnater Tweaker and HD500
by StephenSLR on 2013-03-03 14:04:03.8920

Yes, you definitely need to be familiar with editing at the unit.  You can encounter different sounds from different PA’s or you may have to borrow an amp that can put out a variation of what you really want so you need to be able to edit on the fly.

I advise using the big user view live, if you accidently hit the bank switch instead of FS1/FS5 you can end up getting weird looks from all around and it won’t be fun if the volume on the new position is cranked.

I did this during rehearsal and getting back to the original bank was a drama, I kept hitting the down switch expecting the banks to increase as I thought they were positioned top to bottom in ascending order. Kept getting weird sounds from different patches, lol.  Would’ve been a disaster live.


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