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Replaced black UX2 with a red tone port UX2
by jhslash on 2013-02-26 22:11:14.8680

I recently had to replace my black UX2 unit with a red tone port UX2 I bought off of ebay. I thought they were exactly the same thing but I cannot get any of my amps or effects to load with the new tone port. I keep getting an error that says "no POD Farm 2 license found" even though I have my CmStick inserted. The light on the CmStick is not green as I believe was previously green with the black UX2.  I have the new red tone port authorized, but still no luck. Any advice wouldbe greatly apprecitated! Thank you

Re: Replaced black UX2 with a red tone port UX2
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-27 04:48:10.0420

the aren't the same... the license is different....

there is no pod farm 2 license with the red ones... (not all black ones have this either)

and there is no plugin license either...

you can only use pod farm 1.x in standalone mode.

unless you pay extra for the pod farm2.x upgrade or additional model packs.

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