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ASIO UX2 driver disappeared?
by GraFX on 2013-02-27 07:14:11.1410

Hello community,

I've always been using my Toneport UX2 with success, but since a few weeks my Line6 ASIO driver seems to have disappeared.

I record my guitar with Cubase 5, using Gearbox. In Cubase, I had always selected the Line6 ASIO UX2 driver and everything worked fine, but now it's suddenly gone. I cannot get the UX2 ASIO driver to show up in Cubase's list of ASIO drivers, thus I cannot record anymore.

Reinstalling Cubase didn't work. All my Line6 drivers and software are up to date according to Line6 Monkey and I haven't used any other third party ASIO driver.

What is the problem?



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