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pod farm 2 denormal/high CPU issues?
by kristianbrigman on 2013-02-27 07:14:48.7250

Anyone else seen this? Win 7, 64 bit OS, running under 32 bit Live.

Have not used pod farm 2 much since I got it because all the packs are tied to my pod x3 live, and i'm not always there. with amplitube i can tweak amp settings etc.

while not actually around my guitar (or the x3 live). but, well, i LIKE pod farm, especially some of the effects like the tube echo.

however.. pod farm has really high CPU on my i5 laptop, at least 2-3x as amplitube. some dual tone presets will max my cpu and report >100% in ableton live

with no audio running; in fact, I don't even have monitoring on for that device.

this appears to be a denormal issue though, as if I put an instance of GVST GNormal in front of it, my CPU use for that same dual channel preset drops to around

30% and stays there.

is this something i should be seeing? i was runnig 2.5.1 but just updated to 2.5.5 and still see the issue.


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