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Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by joetink on 2013-02-27 14:04:43.0430

Hi All,

So, i got a used Variax 300 for a great deal (mostly due to the l6 connect jack being wonky, but i've got a guy who should be able to fix that).  However, I'm having a few other issues.  First is that, despite selecting the option for my pod hd 500 to force to different models in line 6 edit, it will never force to a model and always just gives me the sound of whatever model the knob is on.  I can't seem to figure that out.  Also, workbench won't recognize the variax while it's plugged into the pod hd.  I've seen these issues come up in forums, but nothing seems to be a solution for me.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your time!


Re: Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by silverhead on 2013-02-27 15:19:11.9470

You won't be able to control the Variax using the HD500 unless you are using the VDI connection to connect the Variax to the HD500. That's how the devices communicate; they don't communicate over the 1/4" audio jack.

You say the 'line 6 connect jack' is wonky, that sounds like the necessary VDI jack. Until that is fixed you will have no Variax control other than manual. You need to use the VDI connection for Workbench as well.

Re: Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by joetink on 2013-02-27 16:01:55.2040

Thanks for the reply.  I'm definitely using the l6 cable - the ethernet-style connection.  When I say it's wonky, it cuts out if the cord gets out of perfect alignment.  Other than that, it works fine.  Even when it's working well, the hd won't force models on it, and the workbench doesn't recognize it, however.

Re: Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by clay-man on 2013-02-27 16:18:31.8550

I had that problem too with my Variax. I put some super glue into the VDI socket mold (very little at a time) and let it dry with the socket pointing down. After that, it fits pretty snug and the signal doesn't disconnect.

Re: Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by silverhead on 2013-02-27 18:06:11.6360

I believe the VDI connection is the problem. If it 'cuts out' at all then it can't be said to be working properly at any time. Perhaps the audio portion of the connection works intermittently (cutting out sometimes) while the data portion does not work at all, ever, because the data connectors/pins are never  making solid contact. That would explain the symptoms.

Re: Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by joetink on 2013-02-28 04:05:43.3660

strangely, line 6 monkey has now started recognizing the variax and indicates that i'm at flash memory 2.01 and the latest is 3.01.  However, none of the updates listed apply to what i'm trying to do, and everytime I attempt to update the flash memory, I get an error stating that there was an error opening the midi ports and the connection timed out.  While attempting to update, i've made sure the connection is solid each time by holding the plug in place and playing a note so i can hear that the connections stays good.  Does that help any?  Thanks guys for your feedback so far!

Re: Variax 300 issues with podhd 500
by silverhead on 2013-02-28 06:09:11.0210

Get the VDI connection fixed so that you know it is solid - never cuts out and you don't have to hold it in place. If the problem persists then it can be pursued further. Until then my assumption is (and I think yours should be) that the connection is the problem.

No point in trying to diagnose further or work around it. It's a genuine hardware problem, and the symptoms won't disappear until it is fixed.

Note: just because you can hear audio does not mean the VDI connection is working properly. There are several pins/connectors in the jack. Together, they carry power, audio, and control data. Each of these is carried on different pins/wires through the jack/cable. The fact that you hear audio while holding the connector securely does not mean that the data pin/wire is solid. The symptom you describe with the firmware update is exactly what happens when the data communication is absent or interrupted.

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