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Problem with small buttons on HD500
by medbad5150 on 2013-03-02 02:59:04.6130

Okay I have searched and now have to put a wierd/stupid question. Does anyone have a problem with hitting the wrong switch or patch live or band situation? I've come from the GT-10 where the foot buttons were big, but on using HD500 instead of a big foot pad to change patch, the switches seem really small especially when trying to engage one when trying to sing and play guitar at the same time.

I've even got to the stage where I am questioning what footwear to use when using the HD.When I am playing a song and have to change a patch quickly, I have sometimes gone to hit FS1 and not engaged because of the stupid bar above it, so I miss the queue in the song.

I have to get used to it because I have recently bought Ax FX 2 which has the same type switch. Has anyone ever heard of something to put over switches to make them bigger like the Boss GT system, which sucks and does not even come close to the HD500 in my book, but I think

the Boss footswitch is even better.

Many thanks for any ideas or help, I am becoming an embarressment onstage, I even thought of moving all gain patches on HD500 to FS4 or away from that area.

Re: Problem with small buttons on HD500
by Rowbi on 2013-03-02 03:37:40.6100

I've very occasionally done what you describe, but I've not got huge feet, so I guess that's a good thing.

If it's a real issue you could always try finding a midi controller that suits you better and controlling the POD with that, but it's not really a great solution.

is there anything to be said for rehearsing the patch changes some more?  kinda like being able to feel the edge of the POD with your feet and learning how far to move your feet to press the right button without needing to look.  would that help you when you're playing live?

Sorry for the lack of great ideas, but I'm not sure there's a quick simple fix for this issue.... but I hope I'm wrong and someone else has a great and simple idea.


Re: Problem with small buttons on HD500
by medbad5150 on 2013-03-02 03:54:38.5350

Nah many thanks mate, honest truth any idea or help would do. I wear UK size 9 and sometimes hit another switch, but as you say probably more practice and rehearsal needed.

Re: Problem with small buttons on HD500
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-03 06:13:12.7310

I have UK size 12 and came from a Boss GT-8 so I am not entirely unsympathetic.   I prefer the boss foot switches TBH.  

Having had the HD a year or so I don't have too many problems in practice.   I run my board in FS5-8 mode and use the Bank up/down switch for patch changes.   I also now tend to configure my most-used footswitches on the bottom rank of switches (FS5-8) and try and be consistent (dirt on FS5 etc).  I also favour the left hand side of the board to avoid the looper switch (which I still occasionally get stiffed by).  With that said, I have lots of old patches with buttons on FS1-4 and don't have too many problems.  Practice (with stage shoes/boots!) improves things.

Re: Problem with small buttons on HD500
by StephenSLR on 2013-03-04 17:29:11.9550

I hear ya, I've done this in rehearsal. 

I hit the bank switch and getting back to the original bank was a drama, I kept hitting the down switch expecting the banks to increase as I thought they were positioned top to bottom in ascending order. Kept getting weird sounds from different patches, lol.  Would’ve been a disaster live.

If the bar gets in the way for FS1, assign your patches to FS5-FS8


Re: Problem with small buttons on HD500
by medbad5150 on 2013-03-05 02:52:18.8120

StephenSLR...I love ya!! Cheers mate I'm straight on it. I only use 1-4 anyway. Now why didn't I think of that. Diamond answer!!

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