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Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by raimdal on 2013-03-02 08:56:43.8110

considering that podxt is no longer supported, it's relatively old, don't you think dear line6 it's time to make your old customers a little gift? why don't you unlock those packs? the pod x3 users were happy and  satisfied because they had all packs by default but also have a better technology and also the possibility of 2amps togheter...Never a gift for xt users? Our old pod is an old machine and is not the target for new buyers...they are looking for pod x3 or  for the pod hd incredible quality  or a complete amp...I don't want a new hardware because I'm not a professional musician, I play for fun like many many users. I never will spent more money, at that time we will pay a lot for the pod xt, but with the pod x3 you gave all packs's not fair...and after all this years you ask again money for packs that you gave for free on X3 ...this would be a free upgrade for you really think that people will spent 150$ for an used xt and then 100$ for those packs??? 250$? all that people will buy a pod hd300 or a don't be afraid and give as a little satisfation, let us believe that you are gratefull to the people that gave you confidence and the opportunity to become the giant that you are now. I wrote this post because sometime I come on my account to see for some news about or upgrade...and always I find the desert...Make me happy and give me a Dessert !!!

I almost forgot, before to be the owner of a pod xt I also had a pod 2.0 ... and I think many of you too.

For line6 support:

please do not answer me that it would be unfair to those who have already paid for, this argument will be also valid between 1000 years ... but the years would have gone by

What do you think XT users?

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by Mr_Arkadin on 2013-03-02 10:47:10.4080

So your pitch is: "Hey, Line 6 are never getting any more money out of me so why not give me some free stuff"?

Not much incentive is it?

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by raimdal on 2013-03-02 16:02:26.7970

Good evening line6 employers !!   Do you know irony or you live on the moon?  I've paid for a pod2.0 and I've paid for the if you go in the line6 site you can see in the effects menù the pod 2.0 but not the xt.this is support in your opinion?

Yes you have what you paid for but after all this years this argument is not so strong...some more support...

I really don't care so much about the packs. I'm using a real valve amp and a new one cooming soon (point to point...was true that I play for fun but I like my instruments and is true that I don't spent again money but for the packs  not for better things).

Anyway sometimes I log in in my account to see for some update some new driver...nothing more and I find the nothing every time.

My opinion is not so crazy if you think that with firmware 3 the xt unlocked some amps ...and this for line6 will.

After so much years ask for SO MUCH money for the pack is not reasonable because is an old technology.

And also you say that is really old

Do you want or do you have a job in line6? I hope this for you

to be honest also if the packs were 10$ each one I didn't pay for them. Why? is not reasonable, only for this...

mine was just a provocation but you are not so witty and come here only to tell pay for the packs pay 100$ for a software old like matusalem etc etc...I don't think you really are one intelligent person abandoned from the support of a society from which you buyed something can come here to tell pay again. So good nighe line6 employers and commit more please...

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by TheRealZap on 2013-03-02 16:36:29.7110

raimdal wrote:

mine was just a provocation

ohhhhh... so you just came here to be an azzhole.... why didn't you say so.

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by raimdal on 2013-03-03 01:25:37.0660

I apologize for not understanding that you're a comedian and not an employee

I like also my podxt for studying in my room. I've paid for it and after all this years 100$ for the packs is too much.. This is real and you know it! do you know what you can buy with 100$? do you have a money tree?

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by TheRealZap on 2013-03-03 05:12:44.8060

then don't buy them. they are obviously not worth it to you.... don't see how that means you should have them for free.

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by Mr_Arkadin on 2013-03-03 05:50:17.9570

If you want something badly enough you can find $100 - but you can afford two valve amps? If you wouldn't even pay $10 then frankly you don't deserve sh!t.

The world doesn't owe you a thing, troll.

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by raimdal on 2013-03-03 17:18:54.8640

I'm not english but I think I've said something different. I don't have said that I don't have  100$, I've said that I use My money with brain. 400$ for a kit to make a valve amp is to use the brain expecially if you know who can made it for you in the correct way, to pay 1000$ for the same amp with a logo is not to use the pay 10$ to have windows 3.5 is not to use the pay 10$ for an old software that emulate an amp is not to use the pay 300$ for a pod hd300 is to use the brain because is a modern pay more than 150$ for an used pod xt is not to use the brain...etc etc

Well... I think that also a stupid man can understand my you understand my example now or you want again speak of nothing?

again: are you customers? I don't think because what I've said is interest of all old customers...your words are in the interest of line6...

In every way the right and correct people do not need to distort the speech of others to be right but respond to the point of a question if they know what to answer.

th question is 100$ for an old software is correct in your opinion? In mine not....all the rest are words without not your affair how I want to use my money but I have not problem to explain better the meaning of my words...I think the example can be understood also by a child...or by a line6 subject.


in any case, I've understood that you two find the  price of $ 100 is correct for an outdated technology. And perhaps you will find also right that remains the same price forever. fine. I respect your opinion. Now I would like to hear other maybe.

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by Thinkfast on 2013-03-05 07:35:30.0440

100.00 for a few dozen more virtual amps isn't that bad.  I could see L6 doing a buy Metal Shop/get Collector's Classics free someday.  But to just give the milk away for free, nah, that ain't happening. 

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by Triryche on 2013-03-08 06:12:35.7850

buy the packs for a UX1 - they will will work on the xt

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by toneman2121 on 2013-03-08 11:11:42.6450

Triryche wrote:

buy the packs for a UX1 - they will will work on the xt

that is true, but i think i'm gonna side with raimdal this time

Re: Pod xt packs liberation movement!!!
by raimdal on 2013-03-10 01:27:59.2650

thank you man

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