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Tube Preamp into POD HD
by NetherSpirit on 2013-03-02 10:53:41.1620

I'm pretty sure this works, but just want to check before doing it.

Is it possible to go from the output of a tube preamp to the guitar in on a POD HD, load an amp and cab with EQ etc turned off to reduce any sound colouring, and then go from the POD into a PA for gigging or an audio interface for DI recording?

Re: Tube Preamp into POD HD
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-03 06:00:24.0910

Basically, yes but bear in mind the following:

1)  The tube pre-amp must output at instrument level.  If it outputs at line level then you cannot use the main input on the POD to take the signal.  You would need to use the FX Loop on the POD as your main input and set the switch to line.

2)  You can use the POD either without an amp model (i.e. all modelling and the EQ bypassed) or with a full amp model (preamp, eq, power amp, speaker and Mic modelling) to support your tube preamp. 

3)  However you cannot use power amp modelling and/or speaker and/or Mic modelling on their own without the modelled pre-amp.  

So as long as you are happy that you will be plugging your tube pre-amp into a full amp then you are good to go.  You can flatten the EQ with the front knobs to some degree and use other Pod EQs (which are a bit fiddly TBH) to do more if needed.

Re: Tube Preamp into POD HD
by bjnette on 2013-03-03 22:45:00.4690

This would be like going into a Tube Preamp and directly into an interface, with amp models and cabs turned off.

Perhaps you might have meant on or for using the HD for FX but via an interface you can pretty well get alll mamner of plugins and to use instead of the HD FX.

Just so you know I have used a tube preamp and compressor in the loop. Cranking the pre for coloration at line level. I ouput into my interface using the s/pdif usually wet.

Seemed to work fine, especially for bass.

I decided to go back to just the HD500 as I had only owned it about two months at the time and thought better get to grips with it.

I gotta say the HD is a creative tone tool.

Another trick I do is record the S/pdif outs dry (could be for reamping if needed) and also the analogue outs into the interface wet. For some stuff a bit of dry tone helps define things but in a mix it is good to have the option to stick RevalverIII or Recabinet on it if the tone is too washy and this can be the case with my rhythm tracks. Nice n wet laying them down but really need to be much cleaner in the mix.

Re: Tube Preamp into POD HD
by BlueViolince on 2013-03-04 16:40:49.9500

What kind of pre are you plugging into the HD?  The 500 has a max impedance of 3.5Meg, so you probably don't need it to hit the Pod hard enough.  I used to use a PADI, but the Pod doesn't really benefit from it. 

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