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Stereo FX Send and the HD500
by lou_kuehl on 2013-03-02 19:15:46.4460


I'm currently running the 4CM (with much thanks to Jim Reynolds) and I dig it, the sound is far better. My next ? is this; when feeding 2 amps am I better off going with a trs y cable (mono to stereo) or an AB box ( to maintain the signal)? Also, just to confirm or deny my sanity, does the 1/4" out Left signal push more of the FX. The right signal seems a bit dry by comparison. But as a caveman, I'm confused by these modern ways, If I've made it sound like I know anything I apologize, I don't. And I always appreciate any insight or advice.

Re: Stereo FX Send and the HD500
by meambobbo on 2013-03-03 09:43:44.7330

I think a Y cable is fine. You generally need a specialized A/B box when you're trying to switch between two amps, particularly when you are running them to the same cabinet, as the one that's not outputting to the cabinet still has to be hooked up to a load or it will fry.

Some effects (analog chorus is the one that comes to mind) only process wet on one of the stereo fields and leave the other dry.  So depending on the effects, yes, that is true.  But most effects apply equally to both fields.

Re: Stereo FX Send and the HD500
by jimsreynolds on 2013-03-03 11:12:40.9190

Glad Bobbo mentioned the wet/dry with the Chorus cause I thought that might be the case.

On the 4CM, two amps thing .... well you will be living in exciting times !

You can either keep it simple or go more complex depending on what you want.  I am assuming that each amp is a full amp (not just a power amp) and each has its own cab(s).

Simple is using the pre-amp from just one of the amps but the power amps from both.   To do this, setup the full 4CM on one of the amps but then just add a single additional cable running from the 1/4" RIght output on the POD to the FX Return on the amp (a second 'Cable 4').   Now, you can either run both amps together (Mixer Channel A centre) or Amp A or B only (Mixer channel A Left or Right).  This can be set on a preset by preset basis.

Complex would be using both pre-amps and both power amps on both amps.  You would need a special 1 x TRS to 2 x TS Jack cable (a Stereo Y cable) and a long one at that.   This becomes Cable 2 in the 4CM hookup.  You would also two additional cables as follows:

The cable hookup would then go (deep breath) ...

  • Cable 1:  Guitar -->  Pod Input (as usual)
  • Cable 2:  Pod FX Send --> 
    • Amp A Input
    • Amp B Input
  • Cable 3a:   Amp A FX Send -->  Pod FX Return (Left)
  • Cable 3b:   Amp B FX Send -->  Pod FX Return (Right)
  • Cable 4a:   Pod 1/4 Out (Left) -->  Amp A FX Return
  • Cable 4b:   Pod 1/4 Out (RIght) -->  Amp B FX Return

Setup all the levels as per the 4CM doc of mine that I think you are using.

From this point you would be well advised to check out the routing within the POD with a copy of Bobbo's HIgh Gain tone guide in one hand and a bottle of paracetamol in the other.  In principle you should be able to get one or both amps working at the same time with either pre-amp into either power amp, by using the mixer. 

I have to say that all this is is really jacking up the complexity on a cabling setup that is already quite a challenge to get comfortable with.   Sounds like fun!  Let us know if you go this way and how it works out.

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