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What Guitar Models from Variax Workbench are Loaded onto my new Variax JTV-69?
by DavidLane123 on 2013-03-03 13:05:32.3380

What Guitar Models from Variax Workbench are Loaded onto my Variax JTV-69?

I've just purchased a brand new JTV-69.  I'm connected to a MAC computer using a POD HD500.

I've read the Variax Workbench Help Screens but I still don't understand what is going on.

When I select Custom 1, T-Model, Spank, etc I only get one Guitar Loaded per dial setting but 5 sounds from the 5 pickup selector switch i.e. Bridge, Bridge/Middle, Middle, Middle/Neck, Neck selections.

Which Guitar Model in Variax Workbench is my Variax JTV-69 using for each of these dial settings?

For Example:

Variax Workbench has:

Lester: U-LESTER

   B - Lester-1 (Lester Flametop with Bridge Pickup On)

   BM - Lester-2 (Lester Goldtop with Pickup One on - I don't know Goldtops, is that a bridge pickup that is turned on, found attached image that has same pickup type as workbench picture)

   M - Lester-3 (Lester Flametop with Bridge and Neck both on)

   MN - Lester-4 (Lester Custom with Bridge and Neck on - Looks like a 3 pickup Custom in the picture with 'Neck' actually being the middle pickup, is that right?)

   N - Lester-5 (Lester Flametop with Neck pickup only on)

I presume B=Bridge pickup, BM=Bridge/Middle pickup combo, M=Middle pickup, MN=Middle/Neck pickup combo, N=Neck pickup . . . .is that correct?

I have copied a Bank from the right hand screen to the left hand screen in Variax Workbench to avoid writing over what is in the Guitar.

I am now editing the computer models on the left hand screen.

When I edit 'B - Lester-1', the body type screen is Lester Flametop and the pickups screen says the bridge pickup only is on.   So when I select the bridge pickup on the JTV-69 is it picking up the B - Lester-1 model and playing that sound?   (Variax has a little '1' in superscript which I presume means bridge selector position and '5' means Neck selector position?).

In the Variax Workbench Forum I've asked which Variax model is which guitar in real life in another discussion thread but I'm assuming that 'B - Lester-1' is a Gibson Les Paul Flametop guessing from the body type shape in the Edit window and it is a bridge pickup on the Les Paul.. .  . .is that a correct guess?  So when I select "LESTER" on my JTV-69 and put the pickup selector in the bridge position I end up playing (the emulation of) a Gibson Les Paul Flametop in bridge position . . .is that how it works?

In real life I've owned and/or played a Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, Gretsch 6120DC, Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic and some others but this digital technology is fantastic because I'm using it in a studio setting so I can get all sorts of different sounds.

If someone could help confirm my questions above I would really appreciate your help!!

Re: What Guitar Models from Variax Workbench are Loaded onto my new Variax JTV-69?
by Rewolf48 on 2013-03-04 05:27:41.9110

I don't find the Workbench help screens very useful either, but I am waiting with my fingers crossed because there is more than a slight hint that with the new HD electric models will come a replacement workbench.

Frustrated with the lack of help from Line-6 various users have put together some information - for example in this thread:">">

One of the messages on that thread points to VettaVille which you might not have spotted before, but is a Line 6 Enthusiast Site that was started based on the Vetta amp range (digital amp modelling built into the amp).  Vetta is now as good as dead replaced by HD Pod and DT Amps, but the site covers most things Line 6 including the only authoritative Workbench User Guide that I have found anywhere">"> - it isn't technically complete, but it is all that there is.  If anybody knows any better then please let us know.

Re: What Guitar Models from Variax Workbench are Loaded onto my new Variax JTV-69?
by brue58ski on 2013-03-06 18:49:48.7550

Your assesment is partly right, partly wrong.  The Workbench software contains NO models per se.  When you fire it up, it pulls the models from your Variax and therefore represents the models on your Variax.  the Variax comes with two different "Banks"  Factory & User.  When you purchase a new Variax, all of the slots in the user bank are filled with the models in all the factory slots.  I can't remember what specifically the Custom slots are filled with but here's  a sheet showing everything else.

"Looks like a 3 pickup Custom in the picture with 'Neck' actually being the middle pickup, is that right?"

Wrong.  The middle pickup is the middle pickup so it is the actual middle and neck pickups.  Everything else you came up with is true in regard to the B BM etc. classifications.

All of your user slots can be anything you want.  So, if you wanted, you could put a bunch of acoustics in your Lester slots.  you can save over any of these slots.  These are the slots Workbench pulls up when you start the program up.  Where are the Factory slots.  That's hard to explain since they don't always show up.  You see them in the HD Pod series. but not always.  I haven't experimented enough to see what exactly is going on but the bhottom line is you won't see any factory slots, only the user slots in Workbench.  And remember, the user slots can be changed to anythingno matter what the knob says.  I've gotta go for now.  I'll try and explain the Workbench.  It's not real user friendly.

Re: What Guitar Models from Variax Workbench are Loaded onto my new Variax JTV-69?
by silverhead on 2013-03-25 15:42:59.9660

Attached is a chart that may help you map the pickup selector positions to the Variax Models.

Also, the point brue58ski made is important: Workbench does not store models. It stores settings for the models (sounds) which are contained/produced in the Variax. Workbench is the Variax editor, in the same way the Pod HD Edit is the editor for the Pod HD device. Editors allow you to store and change settings in the device. The device contains the sound production capabilities (the amp/fx/guitar models). Sometimes these models are improved in a firmware update for the device, and/or new models are added. In those cases the editor will usually continue to apply the same settings for the new model as they did for the previous model - but the sound may be different due to a change in the underlying model contained in the device.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.