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Can I hookup SpiderJam into a UX2 interface...... via the RCA jacks?
by gary9605 on 2013-03-04 08:38:37.7930

Wondering if its advisable to hookup my SpiderJam   into my  UX2 interface  via the RCA jacks on the back. 

I want to be able to hear my guitar directly from the amp,  and not through the UX2 - connected to my computer (DAW software) and out of my speakers.....due to latency

Envision...... a RCA  Y adpater..... to a 1/4 instrurment cabel,   to the UX2 input

Mainly I just don't want to blow up either the SpiderJam or the UX2 due to bad impedence, I guess.

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