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Is the USB driver useless?
by kmcintyre on 2013-03-04 17:30:29.4120

One more try at getting an answer about audio routing and the USB driver.

I have an X3 Live.  I have GearBox and PodFarm installed on my computer.

I have Live 8 and Sonar X2.  I have an M-Audio firewire 410 -> spdif -> external DAC -> amp -> monitors.

If my X3 is powered up and connected to the computer via USB, when I start Sonar the Line 6 ASIO driver takes over.  My M-Audio driver is seemingly disabled.  I can't playback anything through my M-Audio.  I can't use the mic preamps on my M-Audio.  Basically my DAW and associated hardware are totally worthless.

If I power off the X3 and restart Sonar, my M-Audio becomes available again and I can start using my DAW as intended.

This totally sucks. 

But what if I run analog outputs from the X3 into my M-Audio?  Well, then I can't use GearBox to control the X3.  I can't use the GearBox (or PodFarm) VST in Sonar either so forget about automation

So either I throw out all my high end gear and use the X3 as my ONLY audio interface, or I live with the little LCD screen on the X3 and give up automation and VST support.

This is unacceptable.

If my assessment is wrong, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN.

If I'm right, why the hell doesn't Line 6 fix their software?

At this point I'm looking at the competitors products...

Re: Is the USB driver useless?
by johnpicton on 2013-03-05 09:26:35.1490

I am sorry if my answer disappoints but the problem is not with the Line 6 software specifically but with the nature of ASIO drivers. The ASIO system only allows you to have one device active at a time - you will find this with all ASIO devices - if you look at "competitors" devices which you absolutely should to make sure you have covered all options you will find that those that use ASIO (which will be a high proportion of them) will have the same issue. As I said it is a limitation of ASIO. So why use ASIO you might ask? Ultra low latency that's why.

Like most things in life there is usually a pay off.....

If I sound unsympathetic I really don't mean to I understand your frustration. I just think that it is wrong - in this instance - to direct your anger at Line 6.

I wish you luck in your search for the ideal equipment for you. And yes you are right, if lots of inputs whilst maintaining the ability to edit patches live through software such as Gearbox or Pod Farm is your top priority, then perhaps The X3L isn't the right bit of kit for you.

Re: Is the USB driver useless?
by echoraven on 2013-03-05 13:31:23.5210


Not sure why you need to control the X3 and the M-Audio on at the same time. If it is to run the X3's tones through the monitors, a stereo switch box will give you that flexibility. If your recording your guitar you can simply just use the X3 and then use the M-Audio when you need to lay down vocals or some other tracks recorded externally.

I've had some really bad conflicts related to the ASIO drivers... really bad ones.

Re: Is the USB driver useless?
by silverhead on 2013-03-05 14:00:04.3440

+1 johnpicton.

The one-device-at-a-time limitation is inherent in any (compliant) ASIO driver. It is not a Line 6 limitation. There is a possible workaround - there is a non-compliant driver called ASIO4ALL that some people have used successfully. I don't recommend it, it sometimes causes new problems, and Line 6 does not support the use of their products with it - but it might work for you.

Regarding Pod Farm VST, the version that came bundled with your X3 requires that your X3 be connected for authorization purposes. If you wish, you can purchase a hardware independent license for Pod Farm v2.5x. That will allow you to use it with your M-Audio.

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