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Toneport DI-G Latency Issues
by roach219 on 2009-05-30 16:45:31.7810

I received my Less than a year ago, like 10 months ago from musicians friends because it was in clearance for 99.99. The toneport Latency was great with my laptop, having it on the second tick mark to flawlessly proccess my guitar, with absolute no latency at all, even with recording, my guitar signal would be picked up and sent through all my software with no issue at all. Starting maybe 3 months ago, I noticed i started to get pops here and there after a software update, fine i said shoving it off so i would slide the buffer to the right to deal with the pops. Unfortunately now, two weeks ago a set the slider to the extreme far right for the largest buffer, and now i get pops and clicks every other 5 notes on my guitar while doing a scale run, and i get clicks every other 2 seconds having it set as my soundcard for my windows media player to the point where i don't use the toneport at all. There is no pattern at all with the clicks, it is steady for 5 secs, then it goes into click, audio 2 secs, click, audio 1 sec, click. I only used the toneport to record maybe 10 songs, and that was in the first two months i had it. I used the toneport to play my music through using the WMP all the time though, and now i can't use it at all with the clicks and what not. There has gotta be someone there to help me, my cpu usage is always like at 2% with a great system. I don't even care about latency recording issues, the toneport itself is having latency issues and proccessing sound. Some1 please help, sucks because this truly sounds like a hardware issue with my toneport. I've tried updating, reinstalling gearbox to the newest version and even going back to the installation cd to see if it would work and I am still getting Latency issues. The Installation CD is vers 3.0.

I run Windows Xp Sp.2, with a Intel Duo Core 1.83 Ghz proccessor. The only problem with my computer is that it doesn't want to instal Windows networks frame 1.0 or 1.1, i forget, but i have all the rest, would that be the issue, but i don't understand how the Latency has just gotten worse, and worse, and worse overtime. It is the most frustrating thing, to have something you enjoy, than slowly crap out on you overtime. Please help.

Re: Toneport DI-G Latency Issues
by swedebass on 2009-05-30 18:46:11.6590

do you have a second computer you can install your toneport on, to see if the problem persists?

Re: Toneport DI-G Latency Issues
by TheNoodler on 2009-05-31 07:21:50.7570

Google the "DPC Latency Checker" and use that tool to analyze your system performance.  CPU utilization isn't a reliable indicator for DAW performance.  Most likely you have a misbehaving driver on your system that is killing your latency and overrunning your available buffer setting.  My Windows 7 box is now running at about 20 microseconds (as reported by the DPC latency checker) and is running flawlessly.  I had to be very, very careful when setting it up though.  I watched the impact of every single driver install individually to see it's impact on the machine.  Interestingly many 3rd party drivers caused problems.  Drivers updated through Windows Update did not.  Especially watch out for "bad" video drivers and WLAN stuff.  Disable every piece of hardware you don't really need (parallel ports, serial ports, etc.) and disable system device drivers you don't need (Google "Black Viper" Windows optimization info).

Re: Toneport DI-G Latency Issues
by roach219 on 2009-06-02 20:25:26.3940

I tried the DPC Latency Checker.

Test Interval : 976

Current Latency: Unstable, Average around 600

Absolute Maximum: 1071

This Machine should ba able to handle real-Time streaming of audio and/or video data without drop-outs.

For some odd reason, I get the dropouts early when the toneport is just started, i always leave it plugged in, as i have an external drive, and a wireless mouse receiver plugged in through my three usb ports and only three. I don't get why it has to "warm up" When I use to just start it and be ready to go. I will try my toneport on another computer, the only issue with that computer is that it doesn't recognize the internal video gpu driver. But i will, try it to see if it is faulty hardware or the drivers in my laptop. Right now, I am using the toneport, i have it set as the WMP sound device, It is playing quite well, but then it starts to pop. I don't strain my computer at all, only when playing a video game, even then I use to run high end games and the toneport would perform flawlessly. I can still do that though, but it consists of the pops, clicks, and ms dropouts as I currently am using WMP.

When the Toneport is not in use:

Test Interval : 976

Current Latency: Unstable, Average around 50

Absolute Maximum: 390

Re: Toneport DI-G Latency Issues
by TheNoodler on 2009-06-03 09:08:12.2280

Another issue to watch out for is that with USB devices you need to be careful about what devices are sharing a USB Host Controller.  You can see what's happening with your USB controllers by going into Device Manager and checking the properties of each of the USB Host Controllers.  Within the properties window is an "Advanced" tab that will show you which devices are connected to that particular controller.  You do not want your mouse, keyboard, etc. sharing the same controller as your TonePort.  You should move an obvious device around (like your mouse) connecting it to each of your available USB ports to see which controller each of the ports use.  On a notebook machine you're very limited in what you can do to connect the TonePort to its own controller.  This is why I have my notebook (my poor man's DAW) setup on a docking station that has a PCI USB/Firewire card installed.  I connect my audio devices to the card and not to the integrated shared USB ports on my notebook PC that serve my other peripherals.

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