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External Cabinet for LD400 - excellent match
by ee10pie on 2013-03-06 04:59:30.3510

After some searching I found a Yamaha 1x18 cab that looked like a good match for the LD400. I found a used one at Guitar Center in Illinois and had a local person measure it for me to be sure of the dimensions, particularly the width as the LD400 is just about 24" wide. My intent was to put the LD400 on top to get the controls up at eye level and the 2 x 10's at ear, and get a subwoofer on the floor. I bought and they shipped to my local store in Boston area for about a $35 adder on a $200 purchase price. Can't argue the shipping fee as this cab is "half a refrigerator".

It arrived and is even better than I imagined as it is black rug covered like the LD and has the same metal grill and is 24" wide. I may or may not remove the little Yamaha emblem that sits center bottom. It is 8ohms as prescribed by this community and the LD400's specs for an external cabinet.

     Yamaha SW118V (the CW118V is same thing in black paint with acoustic foam behind the grill hiding speakers, only difference from the carpet SW.)

     300W/600W/1200W Noise/Program/Peak (this is near perfect match with ample headroom)

     30Hz - 2kHz (10dB and this low Hz extension down to rock-bottom is instantly audible)


     24 width x 25 depth x 28 height (it ain't small and does stick out from the wall the full 25", but perfect height for perching the LD400.

     SpeakOn and 1/4" so go with SpeakOn-SpeakOn as that is what LD400 external cabinet output is.

Note Yamaha glossy states 22" width and this is why I queried GC salesman to measure prior to purchasing. Yamaha web folder states 24" width and this is correct. Glossy also incorrectly states height as 32" but web folder is again correct at 28".">">

(use 25.4mm to the inch for converting dimensions)

Ok, so now what is combined load on amplifier?

     We have 4ohm internal 2 x 10" and 8ohm external 1 x 18" in parallel.

     Math result is 2.7ohms which is safely above the 2ohm overheating trip limit on this amp. So don't be afraid to turn it up.

     Power calculation is in the neighborhood of 630W combined: 400W for the internals and the 230W on the Yamaha.

I fully intend on leaving this in my basement practice area when I gig - too bulky to fit in my car and at 86lbs, I like my back the way it is, thanks.

To make sure the LD400 doesn't vibrate and fall off onto the floor (a lot of stuff in my basement does when I play loud...), I screwed 4 furniture discs onto the top of the Yamaha to locate/register the LD400's wheels.

Furniture discs are round, hard plastic, with carpet like material on the underside intended for protecting floors from couch legs, etc. Home Depot or Lowes for $5 set of 4.

I suppose you could remove the wheels from the LD400 too.



Re: External Cabinet for LD400 - excellent match
by TheRealZap on 2013-03-06 05:31:07.7410

thanks for sharing, have any pictures of the setup stacked?

Re: External Cabinet for LD400 - excellent match
by ee10pie on 2013-03-19 14:40:43.2440

Just took one for you. Not the greatest shot. My cheapo P on left but I love it. 1961 J on right: tone-city.

FBV Shortboard MKII on floor.


I realize now a squared up front view would show the 2 cabinets at same width. Sorry.

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