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Tone lock and tog lock in edit sftw?!?!?
by fenders74 on 2013-03-06 10:39:31.0180

Hi guys, I'd like to make my preset on HD500 and a JTV59 connected with VDI cable....but if I choose tone lock in the mixer section of the HD500 edit sftw it doesn't lock anything!!!

Also I'd like to lock the tone and the toggle pick switch and leave the volume free to use but I can't!! There's no option to made this, and if I accidentally move the toggle switch my forced model change!! This way is unusable live?!?!?!? Maybe am I wrong or what?!?!


Re: Tone lock and tog lock in edit sftw?!?!?
by fstaunton on 2013-03-06 11:37:50.7050

Not sure this will help since I do most of my preset or patch tweaking through the MMI display on the HD500.  When using HD Edit software you are editing the present in the software on the PC.  After a tweak is made it must be sent to the HD500 to be active.  That could be one issue.

For me, if I accidently hit the pickup selector when playing live, I will drop out, switch to another preset and then switch back.  You just have to avoid accidently hitting the pickup selector just like you would want to avoid with a standard guitar.  The other thing I should mention is that when locking the tone, volume or pickup selector, each time you save the preset whatever position each of them are in gets saved and locked.  I've accidentally saved presets with the tone turned down and when I went back to it during a rehearsal I couldn't figure out why the tone was all washed out and bassy. Duh! I know.       

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