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How do I access the Artist pre-sets using the FBV Express
by scott1124 on 2013-03-06 22:07:40.7930

I have a Spider 4 75 & have just bought an FBV Express & I want to be able to switch between the Artist pre-sets.

For example: using Artist StnSr Josh Rythm & Josh Lead & be able to select Rythm pressing switch A & Lead pressing switch B

                    Then additionally switch C as a Delay & switch D as another effect.

I have an old Quadraverb rackmount & a Roland 100 midi controller which was basically a plug n play & easy to use by switching banks & then individual effects combos within the banks.

The guitar shop said I have to save the pre-sets to a user then go from there??

The Line 6 modern gear makes me feel like I need to be a computer tech wizard to use it.


Re: How do I access the Artist pre-sets using the FBV Express
by fflbrgst on 2013-03-07 05:52:51.3310

You first need to save the artist preset(s) you want into User Preset locations on your amp, this is done from the amp front panel.  The Express pedal will allow you to switch between the 4 presets in the currently-selected user bank.

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