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Very strange problem w/ Spider Valve 212....
by johnlockie on 2013-03-06 22:51:45.2980


The best amp I have ever owned appears to have died (partially)....

In the middle of rehearsal the volume just died off, and the LED screen on my amp and foot pedal showed a lot of weird symbols and stuff. 

I power cycled my gear, and when it comes back the LED screen on the amp shows this.

I did basic troubleshooting of fuses, connections, and what luck. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I also tried the factor reset, but that does nothing.  In fact, none of hte amp lights work except the blue power indicator and the LED screen.  I am worried something expensive broke :'-(

Re: Very strange problem w/ Spider Valve 212....
by spaceatl on 2013-03-07 04:24:34.2500

check this have the Blck Boxes of Death...">">

Re: Very strange problem w/ Spider Valve 212....
by johnlockie on 2013-03-08 18:48:27.7100

Thanks.  I went to one of the authorized shops here in L.A. and they tell me "4 to 6 weeks just to diagnose".  How lame is that...then they told me $75 "expedite" fee.  I left, with my amp.

Will try another shop this weekend hopefully.  Also, I found this post:">">

There was some good suggestions about testing the connectors in the back (pre-amp out, power-amp in).  The thing is, I was direct out when it happened, and I don't think I had any sound.

I love this amp, but this is probably the first time in years I have had anything like this happen.  I have used Fender, Mesa Boogie, and Crates in the past without any hiccup at all.  To have an amp just die like this without warning really makes me want to advise people against buying them for any professional level uses.  It sounds amazing, but I am not even sure it's worth fixing now.  I am half inclined to go buy a Vox.

Re: Very strange problem w/ Spider Valve 212....
by mtnman82 on 2013-03-09 10:14:46.0520

Yep, a couple surprisingly serious issues on these amps - the lack of regulator de-rating (and hence dying) on the effects/preamp board and the over sensitivity to dirty power (which is everywhere).  If the black boxes is the regulator thing, your direct out will die as the direct out comes off the preamp board.  A ~$10 part plus heatsink and an hour of technician time should make it better than new.  Only thing we can do for the over sensativity to line power is to lug around a voltage stabilizer.

I've only had the amp cut out on me once (on an oncore no less...), but suspect it was the power - been using a voltage stabilizer since and it hasn't happenned again.  If that regulator ever goes on mine, I'll replace it with a beefier one and install a heat sink.  I did some looking but couldn't find it - maybe someone else here can - but someone actually did a little write-up on here with pics on replacing the voltage regulator.  If you take it to a shop, I' d print that out and take it with.

Re: Very strange problem w/ Spider Valve 212....
by johnlockie on 2013-03-09 11:10:48.0650


Well I get sound when I plug my guitar in to the power amp in. 

I have to go buy a 1/4 adapter headphone to test preamp out.  But I am going to assume that I will get nothing there, which points to the preamp obviously.  I will post back once I test.

I read online that it's possible to have a bad preamp tube since there is a preamp tube that sits in front of the DSP, but because Line6 refuses to publish any basic schematics for owners I can only "guess".  I hate to replace the preamp tubes if I don't have to, although they are due to be replaced.

Otherwise, it's most likely the internal POD that's died.  I read that this is the "DSP" or "Digital Signal Processor".  Oh joy.  Hopefully, it's voltage regulator cause like you say that's a fairly cheap fix.

Re: Very strange problem w/ Spider Valve 212....
by johnlockie on 2013-03-09 14:21:11.3290

Ok preamp is definitly hosed.  Changed tubes, no sound in preamp out.

Will be sending it to a shop this week.

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