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I bought one of these today (to go with my DT 25h)
by animastereo on 2013-03-07 04:18:06.1440

The DT is the best amp I've ever owned.  And now that I've got te HD 500 linked correctly and using edit - its fantastic.  Sorry to bitch about digital sounds etc - operator error....

BUT..... fugg me if it's loud.   I use LVM and we are back to preamp modelling and it sounds like nothing it should (ie. in 'standard' mode.

So I know see why people are asking for a 5w version.

The H&K - apart from looking fantastic (I owned a triamp once - but 100 watts was just insane) and sounds great... But the DT topology IV is still fatter..

But you can turn the H&K down to 1W. (& all the way to 36)

So it is quieter and louder than the DT.

I'm writing this because if the DT (even 50) had the 25/10/5/1 W option it would be the perfect amp. (Ie. - no low volume mode)


Re: I bought one of these today (to go with my DT 25h)
by whiteop on 2013-03-08 03:59:34.2100

For live playing mine is perfect. For bedroom playing yes it can get pretty loud. I'd rather haveoomuchon tap than too little though.

Re: I bought one of these today (to go with my DT 25h)
by radatats on 2013-03-08 04:06:08.3910

I totally agree! i don't even care about the 5W option but the 1W should replace the LVM.  I have a whole thread started on the rig being too damn loud...  I am in the middle of doing some of the suggestions but I am leaning towards thinking the HD500 output through the L6 link needs to be lowered considerably to be able to have some room to use the DT master.  It is definitely a challenge but worth the effort...

Even with the 1W option I think you would have to do the same thing.  I can't get master past 2-3 with most patches now so that wouldn't change with an output wattage choice even if the volume would be lower.  It is really all about gain staging throughout the entire chain.

Re: I bought one of these today (to go with my DT 25h)
by animastereo on 2013-03-11 06:08:02.1550


The 18, 5 and 1w option on the H&K is great.  You can midi control and program it all so you can have the clean on 36 watts and the lead on 5 - or 18 for a solo boost.

The DT IV channel is still fatter though - any suggestions what tubes I could change the made in china ones together a similar fatness to the DT???

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