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New to Shortboard MKII. Help please?
by JDM2010 on 2013-03-07 08:11:01.4340

I am new to the "foot controler" thing first off. I want to know how I can use my Shortboard MKII to control podfarm 2.5. I know you cannot use "bank presets" or toggle between them. I basically want to use it when I record DI but first I need to find a way to use it with my computer. I have these things:

Line 6 UX1 (With included cable)

Shortboard MKII (With included computer cable)

Computer running Windows 8

Podfarm 2.5 (with all model packs)


Basically I want to use the UX1 and the MK together but I dont know how. The computer cable will work with my computer but the MKII only turns on when its hooked up via USB. How can I use both together and hear my guitar with headphones or am I going to have to buy another cable or a Spider Amp. I don't need the amp as that to much money just to use a pedal. I want to be able to use the wah and all that stuff too.Or did I waste $200. It says its compatable with podfarm 2.5.

Someone help me out here I'm lost.

Re: New to Shortboard MKII. Help please?
by JDM2010 on 2013-03-14 20:49:10.7040

Step One: Right Click On Button or Knob and Select Midi Learn

Step Two: "Set" it by clicking the footswitch button which applies to its nature (Distortion=Stomp on MKII Board)

Step Three: Repeat as nessary for extra effects

Figured the Wah out as well.

I wanna appoligize to the moderators on here for asking questions when it was pretty easy to figure out. Standard HP printer cable with USB end works with the Shortboard. I'm pretty sure most people with a computer also have a printer

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