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Midi Control on other rack with FBV Shortboard Mkii thru Pod HD PRO
by MrViv on 2013-03-08 00:18:44.3310

Hello everybody ,

I'm building my new rack system and I wonder somethin about FBV Shortboard and midi control with it,

If i plug in intro my POD HD PRO , can I control my others racks units thru it?

I saw that the FBV mkii is able to send Midi CC/PC messages but I wonder if it works for other units which are NOT line 6 units?

Thanks for your help !


Re: Midi Control on other rack with FBV Shortboard Mkii thru Pod HD PRO
by spaceatl on 2013-03-08 06:23:24.0320

I did something like that years ago with my Flextone III XL/Shortboard...I have a 10 space rack with an ADA MP-1, SPX900s, SPX 90...Also have a couple of Effectron 1024s and a Supertimeline...but those have no midi...I have a little midiman mixer in the back of the rack that mixes the loop down. Worked really well for patch changing...SPXs and the ADA have midi maps in them so I just had to set them to listen on channel 1 and setup the patch maps...PC should not be a problem at all...CC's should be a fairly simple thing to do...The midi control is actually in the HD Pro, not the FBV...It's just a controller...All the programing is in the HD Pro...The other midi stuff a MK2 does has to do with using midi over USB with a DAW or some such....That doesn't really apply here, although with the HDPro you can do custom CCs and PC should track as long as the gear is on channel 1...YMMV with mapping...

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