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Lowdown HD400 B-Stock
by gospelbassplayer on 2013-03-08 17:38:26.8700

Received a HD 400 B-Stock bass head and it would not work with the speakers. The headphone out and XLR worked fine. When connecting the speakon cable to the 1/4 inch 8 ohm speakers it made a bump bump popping sound continually through the speakers. I had the unit turned down so thankfully it didn't damage my speakers. This amp was received as a B-Stock unit and I am wondering what is wrong with it. Has anyone experienced any software issues with the lowdown hd-400 bass amp head. What is the longevity of all this wonderful technology ? Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.

Re: Lowdown HD400 B-Stock
by Mr_Arkadin on 2013-03-11 05:57:58.0020

It really should just work. I haven't given my second-hand HD400 a try out on the Speakons yet, just direct, so I hope they work on mine. It's possible that someone used it with two 4 Ohm amps and blew the thing.

As you got yours from a store (I assume) then I would be tempted to return it while you can. I do love mine though already.

The other option would be to contact Support directly - but then they may advise sending away for a repair:">">

There is no way to apply software updates or reflashing. You can try resetting it if you like, but I think that just reinstates the factory patches. I think you hold A whilst powering up.

I assume you have 2x8 Ohm speakers?

Re: Lowdown HD400 B-Stock
by gospelbassplayer on 2013-03-12 12:02:18.7750

Thanks for your reply.Today, I received a used Lowdown HD400 from Guitar Center for $299.99. Haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet. I would like user input into the question as to how well it produces "warm" tube like sounds or what settings can acheive this. I have read some great reviews about this amp and will put it through it's paces soon enough. I am using two 8 ohm speakers. One is a 1x15 rated @ 400 watts (Neo Acoustic); the other is a 4x10 rated @ 400 watts (Acoustic). Both have a mellow horn. I believe this combination along with the HD400 will be a match made in heaven. I have played through an Ampeg SVT with a 8x10 speaker and the warm bottom was "perfect". Also, I used to use a GK 400 B rated @ 200 watts and GK is known for the contour and "valve effect". I prefer solid state to tube amplifiers due to the longevity and reliability of solid state. I don't want the cost of replacing tubes when they go out. Hopefully, I will be able to produce some "sweet" tube like sounds with the HD400. In the opinion of the Line 6 users, should I expect to be able to get some similiar tones to what I have described ? Thanks guys for reading this post.

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