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Gold bundle or add-ons?
by bebatron on 2009-06-04 09:14:47.4150

is the GOLD Bundle the same as the add-ons; Metal shop, FX junkie and Collector Classics, Power Pack and Bass expansion? I have a toneport ux2.

Re: Gold bundle or add-ons?
by Scanner112000 on 2009-08-28 22:48:59.1120

Gold Bundle contains: • 78 guitar amp and 24 cab models from POD® XT/Vetta™ II • 28 bass amp and 22 bass cab models from Bass POD® XT • 80 plus studio and stompbox effects • 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps

I refer you to this page

Power Pack Expand your model set to include 20 fully adjustable vintage and modern amp tones and 26 essential effects including juicy reverbs, delays and more Metal Shop Expand your model set to include these 18 punishingly high-gain amp models from our super-powered HD147® amplifier Collector Classics Necessary collection of 18 boutique combos, sought-after vintage heads and rare pawn-shop treasures no guitarist should be without FX Junkie 35 essential effect models including synths, filters, delays, choruses, compressors, distortions, and sample and hold (Already included on your device) Bass Expansion 28 booming bass amps and 22 bass cabs paired with the perfect mic selections for perfect bass tones

Gold bundle contains all they have released so far. Am amazed this mans question sat here this long with no response ie going on 3 months...

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